Monday, October 17, 2011

Fake News about LINE by Naver

I just received a message from my friend as follows:

This was sent to her by someone and she forward it to me to alert me.

I am naturally not someone who believes in rumor unless I can verify the source and see it with my own eyes. So the curious me decided to google for this piece of news that seems to be so "hot".

The results that I received was that the above message is FAKE. On the LINE app, it had been clarified that the news was fake.

And I found further news report from reputable news site to verify that these are just false alarm.

Taiwan CD news:
Translate: In addition, recently some foreign media, social networking sites and blogs and other social media applications reports on the LINE are false.

And I found another blogger who verified that TVB had never reported such news. 
 事實上,TVB 新聞根本沒有報道過,否則有關片段早被瘋傳。
Translate: In fact, TVB news had never made this report, or else the video clip would have been crazily spread.

All the above had proven my guess right. It was just a false alarm.

If you had ever wonder what made me so sure about my guess, that's because Naver is a very reputable company in Korea. In fact, they are more popular than Google. To Korean, Naver is just like Google to anyone of us who use it as a search engine everyday. It is highly impossible for a reputable company to launch an app just so that they could steal our information. For more information on Naver, please refer to Wikipedia.

Furthermore, I noticed a few things that made me wonder if it was their competitor "W" who launched this false report. After LINE was launched for a few days and was highly recommended by many, "W" became free. This is the first time that I ever saw this app becoming FREE! What made the developer decided to make this free instead of continuing to earn that US$0.99 from everyone who are so keen to buy it? My guess is that they are faced with competition and knew that this is a strong competitor.

So it made me wonder if "W" is responsible for this piece of fake news about LINE. 

For now, if you ask me which app is better, I would say "W" is still a much better app as LINE is still lacking in many functions that are useful to users. However, I foresee great potential in LINE and it would soon be an app that everyone will be using, just like "W". I will be keeping my eyes on the progress of LINE.

I don't work for either of the company and the above are just my personal opinion and thoughts on this issue.

Update 2 November 2011:

LINE app is back in appstore. The removal of LINE app from the appstore has nothing to do with the rumor at all. Naver had clarified that the reason for temporary removal from the AppStore is due to Apple's warning stating that 'LINE does not provide a sufficient user approval process in its Service Terms and Condition of Use'. (Source:

One more clarification, I have received messages from readers telling me that I am wrong because LINE is an app by Naver Japan and not Korea as what I had indicated above. Naver Japan is operated by NHN Corporation. NHN Corporation operates in Korea but they have
affiliates in Japan, China and the United States. You can see clearly that the Naver Japan is under NHN Corporation from this website


  1. Hi

    But I think apple has ban the line, you know how I can download the apps?

    Thank you

  2. Hi

    I don't think the app is banned from Apple. This app is still available for download on Android devices. If there is really a problem with it, Android would have removed it too and it will be reported all over the news.

    I am not sure where u can download it but im sure it will be available once Apple complete their investigation.


  3. Whatsapp had been free for a few times before already, by the way.

  4. hi annoymous,

    Based on record, 2010 it has never been free and in 2011, this is the 2nd time only. The last time was in Jun 2011.