Friday, October 28, 2011

Etude House Eyeliners

I wasn't a fan of eyeliner a year ago but lately I am crazy over them (but yet I'm still really bad at drawing them). I'm not really someone to go for dull color makeup, even though 80% of my clothes are black. So I really want some nice and interesting colors for my eyeliner.

Recently I fell in love with the Etude House colorful range of eyeliners. I had tried several brands like Faceshop and Clinique . All of them smudge easily and I ended up looking like a panda in half a day's time. Miaka recommended K-palette to me but I'm really bad at liquid eyeliner.

This range of eyeliner from Etude House really solved my problem! They are long lasting and smudge-free! I like to rub my eyes and yet they don't comes off easily. The first color that I purchased was purple and I loved it! Dark purple liner with slight purple shimmer! Very very pretty!

Yesterday I walked passed Etude House and noticed that they are having a 30% discount storewide and the shopaholic me went in and bought 2 more eyeliner! This time I bought the grey and silver. I was so tempted to buy their green eyeliner too!

The silver eyeliner came with a gold eyeshadow. Very pretty combination!

Check out their eyeliner if you ever walked pass the shop! You won't be disappointed.

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