Saturday, October 29, 2011

Ettusais Zero Pore Coat & Pore Smooth Concealer

I had raved about the Ettusais Pore Care Wash previously and promised a post on the Zero Pore Coat, so here it is!

I used mainly the Ettusais Zero Pore Coat or Pore Smooth concealer as a base before my makeup to conceal the pores.

Ettusais Zero Pore Coat 

Zero Pore Coat is a transparent make-up base that keeps problematic shine at bay for long hours in the day. This pore concealing coat uses an excellent light scattering effect to hide roughness while being extremely lightweight. Retailing at $37 in all major departmental store.

I first got to know this product when I attended a Ettusais workshop with miaka back in 2006. That was my first contact with this brand. I had seen the counter at most departmental store but that did not sparks any interest in me for their product.

During the workshop, they recommended their new product the Zero Pore Coat which can be used to cover up our pores and reduce the oil forming on our face. I was quite skeptical over this product initially as I don't think there is any product that could really do it. However since I was given a voucher that could get at least 50% off this product, I bought it home to try.

This product is a very light and translucent base. My first application actually convinced me that this product is fantastic! After applying it, my makeup actually stays matte for more than 8 hours! I have a problem with oily T-Zone but whenever I used this, I have no problem with the greasy nose and forehead. For a cheap price ($24 in the past), this product actually last for me a very long time (1 year+!) and did wonders. I had made personal recommendation to several friends and everyone came back with great feedback and was definitely wowed by the effect.

However, during 2008 when I attempt to seek for it, I was informed that this product has been discontinued. I was very disappointed that Ettusais chose to discontinue such a great product. In early 2010, I was informed that this product is back.....IN A NEW FORMULA! Do you know how excited I was? Although I wasn't quite happy over the new price....

Once it launches in Singapore, I quickly grab it off the shelf and now I am another happy user of this better and new improved formula Zero Pore Coat. If you have oily T-zone problem like me, try out this product.

Ettusais AC Pore Smooth Concealer 

Finally a concealer that cares for your skin! This triple effect concealer provides coverage, prevention and improvement when it comes to visible pores. It prevents shadows from forming in pores and keeps shine at bay for a “pore-less” finish. Formulated with mineral powder, this concealer further prevents visible pores and acne. Lastly, the improved mineral powder formulation provides you with a long lasting pore-less finish on wide areas like the cheeks. A pore care concealer that reduces visible pores with soft focus effect while caring blemishes. Retailing at $36 in all major departmental store.

I bought this product back when the Zero Pore Coat was discontinued and I needed something to make my makeup last longer and since I had faith in Ettusais for their pore products, I went ahead to buy this without research. However, I was quite disappointed in it as it did not control the sebum as well as zero pore coat.

Compared to Zero Pore Coat, the Pore Smooth Concealer comes in 1 shade only so its not really suitable for all skin color. I am blessed with a very common skin color so this concealer fits me properly but I have heard some of my friends complaining that its either too light or too dark for them. However, the pore coverage for the pore concealer is much better than the pore coat. After using it, the makeup looks more smooth and even as compared to pore coat. Currently I am using this as a makeup primer for my cheek area. This product is great but not a must have.

Both products have its pros and cons and unfortunately, we can't use them together at the same time. I can only choose to use one at a time. I wish Ettusais would combine both and make one really good pore concealer in future so that I can save half the money!

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