Monday, October 10, 2011

Dieting Week 1 Indulgence - Chef Daniel's Kitchen @ Bugis Iluma

Of course after talking about how much food intake I had cut down, let's talk about my weekly indulgence.

On my first week of dieting, I visited Chef Daniel's Kitchen @ Bugis Iluma for a good lunch with my colleagues.
This restaurant is located on the 7th floor of Illuma and not widely known by many. The ambiance is good and not too noisy during lunch. I believed that the atmosphere at night will be even better even the restaurant is standing alone on the 7th floor with full glass panel window looking out. I heard from my colleague that they even have a live band in the evening.

The set lunch is very reasonably priced, in fact I think it's cheap! $10.50++ for a set lunch which includes a soup of the day, a main course and a dessert. You can topup $2 for free flow soft drinks. Since I'm on a diet, that's a nono for me.

I was very lucky that the soup of the day was clam chowder. My favorite!

Since I was a diet, I didn't really want meaty stuffs so I chose the prawn and crabmeat burger. The patty was really delicious! The bread is very soft and the crust is crispy yet not tough to bite!

These are what my colleagues ordered. Teriyaki chicken and Beef Stew in Red Wine. I managed to steal a small piece of the teriyaki chicken from MM and it was very nicely grilled! Very tender meat and tasty! I must try this next time.

The dessert was a disappointment though. I am not really a chocolate fan and when we sat down, the waitress told us that the cake of the day was raspberry chocolate cake but we were served with hazelnut chocolate cake instead. Upon checking with the waiter, he informed us that they didn't have enough raspberry chocolate cake to serve all 6 of us. We were quite disappointed as we felt that they should have checked with us if it is alright to serve different cake. We would have opted for 3-3 since we can share and try out the different cakes. I didn't finish my cake as it's too chocolatey to my likings.

Overall, I will still rate this place as good because of the great quality in their food and the waiters and waitresses were attentive to our needs and very friendly. We had all decided that we shall visit this place once a month for some good lunches and also to try out other stuffs.

If you haven't discover this place, its time for you to pay a visit soon =)

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