Monday, October 10, 2011

Dieting Progress

2 weeks and 3 days ago, I stood on my weighing machine and I had the biggest shock in my life. I hit the BIG x0kg (this is a secret that cannot be revealed!) and I almost wanted to faint on the spot. I took a look at the clothings that I had bought lately and I was even more shocked that the sizes are getting larger and larger.

WTF have I been doing!!!

After the initial shock, I sat down and think through the reasons why I had put on so much weight and I narrowed it down to the following:
  1. Taking too much soft drinks and sugared drinks
  2. Taking too much fast food
  3. Taking too much tidbits
  4. Taking too much food before I sleep
  5. Taking too huge portion of food for each meal
  6. Lack of exercise
so it all goes down to over-eating...

So, I decided to carry out my own healthy (maybe not...) diet plan that doesn't requires exercise (I'm not someone who likes to exercise...)

Now, as of today, as at 10.30p.m, I am weighing 3.5kg lighter than I did 2 weeks and 3 days ago!!!

OMG! OMG! I just wanna brag! LOL!

a few of my friends were shocked to hear that I had lost so much weight within such a short period of time and they had asked me what had I done so far to achieve this. so here I am sharing on what I had done so far.
  1. No more soft drinks and sugared drinks. Freshly squeezed fruit juice with no sugar syrup is allowed.
  2. No more tidbits/snacking
  3. No more fast food
  4. No food intake after 8p.m (well...last saturday....I took a thin slice of pandan chiffon cake at 11pm+....but that's because I had lunch at 12noon and didn't took anything else for the rest of the day!)
  5. Breakfast is a must and it must be filling. Avoid oily breakfast.
  6. Lunch is a must and avoid carbo, less meat, non-fried stuffs and take soupy stuffs.
  7. Dinner on alternate days but on days that I do eat, 2 spoons of rice and all side dishes to take only half portion of what I used to take. Avoid meat if possible.
  8. Once a week indulgence. Since I can't resist good food, I allowed myself to have 1 indulgence a week to reward myself for the hard work for the 6 days that I worked so hard.
That's all I did. No secrets. No slimming pills. No doctor's help. No starving myself 24/7.

I am hoping to cut down more weight before I pickup some light exercise. For the initial stage I think what I am doing now can lose up to 10kg but exercise is definitely need to tone up my body and lose more weight at the later stage. I'm thinking of yoga/Pilate class or maybe just start with brisk walking around my neighbourhood to pickup my stamina first.

Of course maintenance is important after I lost weight since I don't want to bounce back....
I'm hoping to cut down 2 dress size~


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