Friday, October 7, 2011

China Glaze Metallic Crackle

I had been waiting for the China Glaze Metallic Crackle for so long and finally got my hands on them last month!
I didn't get the silver one as I already had OPI Silver Shatter and am a satisfied user of that. I had read other reviews that a black base brings out the metallic crackle best so I used OPI Goth edition black matte base.
I simply love matte polishes! I'm currently thinking of getting a matte top coat... Now let's look at my nails with the 5 new crackles!
(From left to right, Haute, Tarnished Gold Gold, Oxidized Aqua Aquamarine, Medallion Bronze and Latticed Lilac Lavender)

I was first attracted to the CG metallic crackle because of this color and I am definitely pleased with it! The color is just right, not to bright or dull pink. (Pink is one of my favorite color!) This is a must have color for all polish fanatics.

Tarnished Gold Gold
I was a bit hesitant in getting at first because the bronze looks better on most online review but on a second thought, I didn't have any gold crackles so I just went ahead to buy it. I must say I never regret. The color turns out great and in fact I like it better than the bronze.

Oxidized Aqua Aquamarine
This is my 2nd favorite from this collection! Very unique color and outstanding. Easy to match with any dark base.  I grab this at first sight.

Medallion Bronze
This color turns out not as great as I though it would be. After seeing the reviews online, I thought this would be a good color but it turns out quite dull.

Latticed Lilac Lavender
This color is a great disappointment! Purple is my favorite color and yet I didn't like this at all. The color is nowhere near lilac. It looks silver to me. My friends were shocked when I told them that it is actually lilac. Everyone thought it was silver. Definitely a no buy in this collection.

The formula for the metallic crackle collection is so much better than the CG first crackle collection. It is easier to apply and they cracks much better than OPI Shatters. If you haven't got any yet, do hit the store and at least get one to try it out!

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