Sunday, October 9, 2011

China Glaze 2011 Halloween - Ghoulish Glow

When I saw this, this became a must have! The polish is supposed to glow in the dark but just like other stuffs that glows in the dark, the glow doesn't last long in the dark. This is a real disappointment. If you have just stepped into a dark room from a brightly lighted room, it glows brightly and beautifully but after a few minutes, it's just a very dim glow. Hours later, it doesn't glows at all and it looks dull..

here's the picture of it in a lighted room

Here's the picture of them glowing in the dark

Since it looks dull, I used Nubar 2010 over it. This is a really nice shimmer top that is different from other glittery top. Recommend it to all other nails fanatics!

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