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I had finish all the 3 stories and I must say I like Story 1 and 3. Story 2 is a little dull and the plot seems weird. I don't quite understand what the whole story has to do with Brutus' Heart. After watching the SP, I am definitely gonna read the novel for Story 1 and 3. I'm a huge fan of 東野圭吾 now!

Warning: Below review contains spoilers!

Story 1 : 11文字の殺人
女流推理作家・結城梨花子(永作博美)の恋人(長谷川朝晴)が殺された。死の直前、彼は「誰かに狙われている」と話していたが…。親友で編集者の冬子(星 野真里)とともに真相を追い始める梨花子。しかし、彼女が出会った人々は次々と殺されていく。いったい誰が? なぜ? すべての謎を解く鍵は1年前のク ルーズツアーでの水難事故。「無人島より殺意を込めて」という11文字の手紙。無人島でいったい何があったのか? 梨花子は事件に隠された“悲しい秘密” にたどり着く…。

This movie is about the lover of a mystery writer who was murdered. In order to investigate the death of her lover, she pretended to be researching for a story for her next novel.

However, whenever she got closed to someone who would tell more about the story, that person would be murdered. She narrowed down to a list of people who had been on a ship wrecked where everyone landed on a deserted island. During the accident, only 1 person drowned. She suspect the murderer to be the girlfriend of the guy but no matter how hard she investigate, she could never find that girl.

Everyone who met with the fatal death will received a note and written on it was just a sentence with 11 words (in japanese) 無人島より殺意を込め which means something like the intention to kill on the deserted island.

She had received death warning during her course of investigation but that did not stop her from going on. Hence the remaining participants who were still alive decided to ferry her to the deserted island so that she could get closer to the truth. During that trip, none of them died except for the assistant of the writer. Devastated by the death of her assistant, she returned back to mainland, only to realized that the missing girlfriend of the dead man was actually her very own assistant. She was the one who had been murdering everybody and the trip back to the deserted island was actually a plot to lure the assistant out and kill her.

So what happened on the deserted island? The truth was actually nobody was dead. The man who died was a good swimmer and there is no way he could had drowned. The only man who almost drowned was another man and her girlfriend had pleaded the dead man to save him from the savage sea. In return, the man request for the girl to sleep with him for a night in order for him to return to the sea to save her boyfriend. Reluctantly, the girl agreed. When the accident happened, the man planned to write a story on it and he had written on a piece of paper that everyone survived and placed it in his wine flask. He couldn't wait to return to mainland and attempted to rape the girl on the deserted island. The girl had gone back on her words and her boyfriend came to save her. In their struggle, they accidentally killed the man. Not wanting outsiders to know about the truth, the group of them decided to throw the body of the man back into the sea and claimed that he drowned to death.

What they didn't know is the note in his flask that was discovered by his girlfriend. When the girlfriend knew that he was murdered and not drown to death, she plotted to kill everyone.

The story is really very captivating and I couldn't even paused between the show to take any toilet breaks. You won't really know the truth unless you watched the movie to the end.

Story 2 : ブルータスの心臓

I didn't really get what happened in this movie. In the beginning of the movie, a man was crushed to death by a robot machine. Then the story went on to the scientist who built a new robot. He was having a secret affair with the secretary to the chairman and she informed him that she was pregnant. But she didn't want marriage. What she wanted in return was money.

The next day, he was called into the office of his superior together with another employee. Then they realized that she was having an affair with all 3 of them. Hence they plotted to kill her off so that she would not hurt any of them in terms of family, money and reputation.

However, things did not go smoothly. Instead of the secretary being murdered, the superior died. The other 2 guys were frightened by his death and they suspected that the secretary was the one who killed him but she had remained calm throughout the funeral and all other daily tasks.

Immediately after the funeral, the other employee died. The scientist was very afraid at this point of time and hence he decided to finish the secretary off by poisoning her. But things did not end even after she died.

The real murderer was actually a worker in the company. He was the one who caused the man to died in the beginning of the movie as he was in love with his fiancee and by killing him off, he thought he would have a chance at her. However, the superior caught him in the act and blackmailed him. On the day of the murder, the superior had ordered him to kill the secretary but instead, the worker killed him, hoping to put an end to all the blackmail. One thing led to another and he killed more people. In the end, the scientist was murdered by the robot which he had built and believed that it is the only thing in the world that would not betrayed him.

What I didn't get it is how is the involvement of the robot throughout the show. The title of the movie is Brutus' Heart. Brutus is the name of the robot that the scientist built. So what has its heart got to do with the whole movie? Furthermore, the robot did not act on its own to kill him. The worker was the one who controlled the robot to strangle the scientist to death.

I'm really really confused about the whole meaning of the robot for this movie. If anyone know what is the real involvement, do enlighten me.

Story 3 : 回廊亭殺人事件

This movie starred Takako who had been away from the scene for such a long time after her marriage. If you had watched Beautiful Life, you would definitely remember her as the wheelchair bounded girl with Kimura.

The movie started with Takako almost being murdered and a fire broke out at the resort with her fiance. Her fiance died in the fire and she was badly burnt and disfigured. An old lady saved her life by giving her the best plastic surgery to renew her skin and gave her a fresh new face which is 100% similar to her daughter. Takako was very touched and grateful to the old lady and decided to stay by her side with the identity of her daughter. However, the old lady suddenly died of heart attack one day and the panic Takako wanted to call 911 to save her but before she even started dialing, she noticed the postcard informing the old lady of the death of the chairman whom Takako used to work for as a PA. She knew that the fire was not an accident and somemore had planned the murder and the murderer is one of those in the family of the chairman.

The identity of her fiance is actually the son of the chairman whom he had with a mistress. He had wanted to look for him so that he could inherit the business but the fiance refused to return as he felt depressed that the chairman had abandoned him for so many years. The jealous existing family who were afraid that their inheritance will be lessen by the recognition of this son, plotted the murder.

With a new face and identity, Takako attended the funeral and no one knew who she is. Everyone thought that she is the daughter of the old lady. However, she had lots plans to lure out the murderer. But everytime she thought she was closed to the answer, either the suspect died or something happened and prove her analysis wrong. The police who came to investigate caused more hiccup in her revenge plans as they had started to suspect her real identity when they couldn't find a match to her fingerprints. When they discovered that the old lady was dead and buried in her own yard, they doubted her identity even more and they began investigating on her. With the police closed on her and the murderer just inches away, she decided to fasten her pace and lure the murder to her instead of waiting.

Then things got messy and a bit confusing and at the end of the movie, she set the whole resort on fire. As she walked out of the resort, a man was walking towards her and he is the very same man as her fiance who was supposed to have died in the fire. The truth was that he is just a friend of the real son and he had imitated his identity when the real son refused to even meet up with the PA when she was looking for him. The friend decided to lure the PA into a relationship to gain her trust. After making use of her, he attempted to murder her and the real son so that no one would ever know the truth. He did not expect her to live.

Shocked and unable to accept the truth, she knocked the guy unconscious and then lay herself besides him, letting the fire swallow them.

Very sad story and I really pity the character that Takako had acted for. In the story, she was meant to be an ugly girl. The guy made use of her fragile heart and kindness and she was so helpless after being cheated and almost killed by the heartless man. The ending where she still want to die together with him is so heart breaking and I shed a few tears at that.

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