Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thumbs up for Strapya


What can I say? I'm a huge fan of this site!
I got all my cute accessories from there and they are always very prompt in their shipping.

Recently I placed an order for the above Hello Kitty iPhone 4 casing and they emailed me to inform me that there was a delay because the first batch that arrives failed their QC so they had to make their manufacturer redo everything.

This gave me assurance that what I paid for has proper QC and not just rush and send to make profits from me.

Everywhere I go, people always compliment my handphone accessories and casing and I am proud to say I got them from Strapya!

I had been shopping with them for the past 2 years and in my latest order, I ordered a Korilakkuma Keychain. However when I received it, it was spoiled! Can you imagine how sad I was???

This is what I received....

The sad me emailed Strapya to inform them that I had a spoiled product with me and within less than half a day, one of the personnel, Marimo, replied my email and told me that a replacement will be sent to me.

That was a really fast and efficient response given their huge order list. As compared to other sites where they took days to reply you and in the end coming up with no solution. (E.g. Sunsky that send me a wrong product and refuse to replace it and insist I send the wrong product back to them at my own cost first. Why should I incur additional cost for their mistake??)

Some people might ask me "The things they sell can be bought on some China website at a much cheaper price. Why you want to pay so much more here?" The answer is "Customer Service and Trustability" How many people had bad encounter and got scammed by China site before? For an active online shopper like me, I had come across many China website and I must say only 1% doesn't give me problem. That's how rare you can get good service from China sites. If I had to pay more to get better quality products and also a much better customer service that please me, I don't find a problem with that.

I am very very pleased and happy with the prompt service that Strapya provided me and they had always been very fast in their shipping too. Thumbs up Strapya! I will definitely be a supporter for Strapya as long as they are in business. Strongly recommended to everyone out there who are interested in cute accessories!

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