Sunday, August 21, 2011

TCM Massage with Gua Sha at Beaute Hub

I bought the Groupon for the TCM Massage with Gua Sha at Beaute Hub earlier on and finally went for it last Saturday after a hard attempt at making a reservation for both Hui and myself.

The deal that we are going for:

First of all, I need to make some comments on my experience in trying to make a reservation at this place. I called up in the 2nd week of June wanting to make a reservation for 2 person in the 4th week of June and was informed that they were fully booked. Understanding that I might had given a short notice, I asked for the next available weekend slots for 2 and was told that it would be in August. So I told them that I will have to call back later as I need to check with Hui on the exact dates in August where she's free. After getting a confirmation from her, I called up again and nobody picked up the call for the rest of the day.

After a few days, I called up again and told them that I would like to make the reservation for the August slots. This time, the person told me that there are no available slots in August anymore and they are fully booked all the way to November. I was shocked as it was only June and just a few days they can receive reservation for 4 whole months?

I told the person that the Groupon will expire in November and if they don't have slots for us, can we extend the Groupon and she said no. She told me to go on weekdays instead and I told her that both of us are working adults and it is not reasonable for us to take leave just to go for a massage there. Her next suggestion was even more ridiculous. She suggest we go on separate session. Where I take the morning massage slot and Hui takes the late afternoon slot. I told her that the reason why we bought 2 groupon is because we wanted to go together and not on separate occassion and she told me that she can't help me in this case and then once again emphasized that we should split up for the sessions if not they won't be able to take us in.

Honestly if they couldn't take in so many customer, they shouldn't sell so many groupons and give such a short expiry date. In a way, if they can't fit us in before the expiry date, isn't it kind of cheating us of our money?

Getting pissed, I told her that she has to find 2 slots for me or else I will just lodge a complain to Groupon for a refund and then miraculously she told me she got 2 free slots in August and I can choose the date. This makes me wonder why she told me that there weren't any slots at all in the beginning of the conversation? Were they all lies?

Anyway I got my reservation and since I had already paid for it, I just decided to went for it without expecting much.

On the day before the massage, I did not received any calls from them unlike most places who do call me to confirm my visit. So I decided to make a call in case the reservation was not made properly. The first girl who picked up the call told me that there is no such reservation made under my name and when I told her that I am very sure I had made my reservation, she passed the call to someone else and they managed to track down my reservation with my phone number since they made a huge mistake on my name.

Finally the day came and off we went for our massage. It wasn't a pleasant day for me but I shall not rant on that since it's not related to this topic.

The place is actually very nicely renovated and I'm quite impressed by their massage room where I have my own wardrobe to keep my personal belongings and hang up my clothes.

One thing that shocked me was that instead of normal disposable panties, they actually provide disposable G-String!! Well that was my first time seeing that so don't blame me for having such a big reaction on that. haha...

Overall the massage is soso....didn't relief much tension in my body. Not convincing enough to make me wanna go back for more.

One important thing is the free body scrub and tourmaline stone. Both me and Hui thought that the stone was to have them place it on our back but we were shocked that it was just a wooden sauna container with stones ON THE FLOOR. We felt kinda cheated.....the body scrub was more worth it afterall....but we do get a free hair straightener after that so no complains.

The good thing about this place is that after our massage they didn't even sit us down to go through all the hard selling for signing up packages with them. Plus point for them. But the massage seriously wasn't good...

The gua sha left a BIG mark on my back......Hui say I looked like I had been abused in the pic with my naked back and messy room and dimly lighted room...LOL

Looked how clean her back was as compared to me!

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