Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Job Updates

Work finally started and so fast 1.5 months has passed...

Unlike all my previous jobs, the workload in this company is super heavy! For all my previous jobs, I had always been able to work and relax at the same time and I got tons of free time on hand everyday except during peak period. This job kept me busy throughout my 8.5hours at work and AFTER work. Imagine I had to work over weekends and public holiday at home!

However, I am not complaining much because I actually loved it! I had always envy others who had so much to do and could use the opportunities to prove themselves at work. But for me, I don't have enough jobs / projects to fight for promotion and increment when compared to those who were busy through their working days. Maybe some people might say I'm mad and a little workaholic...

So far my colleagues are nice (except in one case...) and the environment there reminds me of Singtel days. We had celebration when it's someone's birthday and we also go out for good food together once in a while (not the usual lunch kakis). We joke during work and work OT together. LOL...

My boss is nice so far...at least he understands that the work I had to do and learn here is super tough and he don't expect me to be able to know everything since I'm only there for barely 2 months. Sometimes I think he is so worried that I am stress because he always ask me "are you very stress?" Last week I was actually quite stress over all the tight dateline and the problem with not being able to understand the group structure so far. and then one afternoon, he called me over to his desk and he told me "You look very stress these few days. Don't overwork yourself. If you really cannot take it, you must tell me then I can help you." Although it is just a very general statement, I actually felt quite touched that my boss is concerned that I overworked and willing to hear me out if I can't handle the current workload.

One very important thing is that there is a very gentlemanly analyst that I am working with! During one of my offsite meeting at his office, there was a slight drizzle when we all went out for lunch together (me, him, my boss, his boss and 2 of his colleagues). I don't have an umbrella with me but it was just a slight drizzle so I didn't bother with it. After lunch, one of his colleague left his umbrella at our lunch venue and went back to office so this analyst helped him to bring it back to office and when he saw I don't have one, he handed the umbrella to me but I told him it is fine since its just drizzling. Then he moved over and sheltered me with his umbrella. 4 others there with umbrella but no one shelter me except him. Wooooooo~ so nice of him. Too bad he got ring on the finger. So he shall be my eye candy at meetings to keep me awake. LOL!

I had been telling few of my closer friends that the work now is tough and really made me very stress but I think things can be improved when I have a better understanding of the job and then the work will be smoother and I can learn many things from this company. Plus.......money is quite good.......so no more job hop!!

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