Monday, August 8, 2011

白夜行 Byakuyakou Movie 2011

This story had been remake into both Japanese drama and Korean movie before and now it has been remade into another Japanese movie and starring my favorite Horikita Maki!

After watching this movie, I must say that the plot is very very dark and not suitable for people who will be easily affected by it.

Below are spoilers and if you don't like to know what happened in the movie, you are strongly discouraged to read further on.....

This story mainly revolves around the two children. The son of the father who was murdered and the daughter of the mother who was a suspected murderer. No one knew the truth to the murder except for 3 person. The son, the daughter and the dead father.

The police suspected that the the woman is the mistress of the dead man and she having an affair with another guy and many other evidence proves that she is the murderer. However, before they could even arrest them, the two of the died. Their two main suspect was dead before they could do anything and the case was closed.

Little did they know that the real murderer is actually the son. The father who visited the little girl's house frequently wasn't actually there for the mother. He was there for her.

The mother sold her own daughter's body in exchange for rental, grocery, money and many other stuffs. The poor girl is only 9 years old....

She was mentally and physically abused and the only place where she could behave like a 9 year old kid should is the children library where she met the little boy. The little boy fell in love with her and the two of them soon became very close friends.

On the fateful day, the little boy was at the library looking for the little girl when he saw his own father leading her away from the library. Curious and not understanding the relationship between his father and his first love, he followed them to an abandoned building. There he saw his own father having sex with his first love. He was so hurt that he actually took a pair of sharp scissors and stabbed his father to death.

After killing his father, he and the little girl then staged the whole incident, making it seems like the murderer was actually the girl's mother and before her mother could be arrested, they poisoned her and made it look like a suicide.

Soon the two of them decided not to ever meet up again so that no one would ever know the truth to what they had done. Years went by and the two of them never meet at all. However, the little boy still protect her secretly. The girl would leave a secret message at the children library where they met and the boy will get the message and he would murder any men who will hurt the girl or rape another girl who is a threat to his love.

Years went by and the girl decided to move on and forget the past but the little boy still lives in the haunted past. The girl got married to a guy whom she loves for money and the boy protect her in secret.

The ending is very tragic and not for the weak hearted.

After watching the end of the movie, it made me wonder, how can the little girl at the year of 9 bear all the forced sex and rapes on her. Mentally she is sick but no one was there to help her. The little boy's way of protecting the girl he love was so wrong. How can he just kill all those people and what kind of mentality was he in when he raped those girls.

This is so sad. Both of them were so hurt and there was no one there to save them. If only there were someone who would just give them a little more care and concern.


  1. Gosh..... This story is really twisted. And the father is sick to do that to a 9 year old girl!

  2. ya. next time i go your house i bring this movie for you.