Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Job

Oh are not seeing things....I'm changing to a new job AGAIN!

Okay okay....I'm really not a job hopper....this job really sucks! For my 2 months there, I have been doing nothing except surfing the internet, watching Channel News Asia, playing with my ipad & iphone openly and having expensive lunches + shopping daily!

I'm officially broke! My spending account is in deficit! No more shopping for the time being....but I'm VERY attracted to a certain pair of hush puppies heels and the Tiffany & Co Return to Tiffany Heart Tag Key pendant....

Okay back to the topic on my job....

The worst part is that all the financial reports for the company is in Bahasa Indonesia! (Well the head office is located in I had explicitly told them that I completely doesn't know how to speak nor understand Bahasa Indonesia and they told me that it is not a problem. On my first week, I realized that everything is in Bahasa Indonesia and I spoke to the HR/Finance manager that this was not conveyed to me during the interview and I am having difficulties understanding everything. He simply told me "Oh...sorry we overlooked.." This is super irresponsible. So he pacified me by saying he would help me get an English version because he 'believed' that they should have it. 2 months passed and he didn't came back to me at all....and I did nothing, ZERO, work for my 2 months there.

I'm not a person who wanna retire nor look for a job that allows me to do nothing everyday. I am still young and need the challenges and exposure for career advancement. So there is no way I can stay on in this job.

Luckily my recruiter called me up and told me she had a job that is very suitable for me. After looking at the job scope and the company profile, this was indeed something that I would loved to do. Hence I went for the 2 interviews and I am so glad that they didn't mind that I screwed up my 2nd interview with the VP cause I was having a 39 degree celsius fever and sore throat on that day and I couldn't come up with much reply for the questions that the VP asked me. The people there were very sympathetic and even offer me warm water so that I can calm my throat a bit. I was so touched!

2 days later, my recuiter called me up with the good news and the package was better than our expectation so I'm onto a new job!

Gonna have more than half a week break before I start work in the new firm. Gonna go around lunching with all my ex-colleagues while I'm free.

Looking forward to my new job!

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