Saturday, June 4, 2011

Review: LaROSA Hot Purple Crackle

I am very sure not many have heard of the brand called LaROSA. I came across this brand while I was surfing for OPI and China Glaze crackles images. It is a cheaper alternative to OPI and I was actually quite skeptical of buying it since I have never heard of it before. However, most online reviewers raved about this product and that it is better than China Glaze and comparable to OPI.

Therefore I decided to give it a try and here's what I've got.

It crackled very evenly and in fact I must admit that it's even better than the new OPI shatter collection. It dries up easily too. The polish is not too thick and was easy to apply. I can't compare it to China Glaze crackles yet since I don't own any China Glaze crackle at this point of time.

The LaROSA crackles come in 12 different colours and I love the seaweed one but it is out of stock at the site where I got it from. Now I'm a fan of LaROSA crackle and I am definitely getting more colours from them!

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