Friday, June 3, 2011

Pure Luxe Cosmetic Review

I was a customer of Pure Luxe 3 years ago and after so many years, I decided to buy some old colours that I used to get from them. The service standard 3 years ago was fantastic. I received my stuffs within 1.5weeks from my date of payment and had no problem with them at all. However, I was pretty surprised that after 3 years, their site made no improvement in layouts etc. It looks like a cheaply done website except for the flash page to enter the sites.

Review on site layout
Poorly done and things are spread everywhere. The menus are not fixed and jumbled up when you click on a category. Lots of words and you need to use Ctrl+F to find the items that you wish to purchase in order to add to cart.

Ordering Process
Ordering process is smooth as they uses paypal cart so you can easily check out via paypal.

Shipping Period
I placed an order with them on 15 May 2011 and was informed by paypal that they had entered a shipment reference for me to track my parcel on 16 May 2011. After trying for 4 days to track my parcel via USPS, finally on 20 May 2011, the parcel was found and it shows that they just mailed it out on 20 May 2011. I was a little puzzled as to why they told me that they shipped on 16 May 2011 and yet USPS shows that they only received it on 20 May 2011. After 2 weeks of tracking, the parcel is still showing as "Accepted" on USPS and not in transit at all.

After sales service
As a consumer who had waited so long, I lodged a claim dispute via paypal because this is the way that the seller would definitely reply me (As an active online shopper, there are cases where I lodged a dispute and those seller ignored paypal's dispute but paypal does give me back my money).

Here's our conversation and what pissed me off is the rude attitude of this seller and using CAPS to shout back to their customer when they cannot give an explanation.

01/06/2011 21:08 PDT - Buyer: Shipment said to be sent on 20 May but USPS website kept saying that it was only accepted and not in transit after 2 weeks. Previous purchase had never taken so long and no such problem. Would like a refund if seller cannot confirm where is the parcel right now.

02/06/2011 07:05 PDT - Seller: "accepted" is just how the upsp shows that it was taken for delivery. Your customs number will not show tracking as your package moves. I'm sure since you are a previous customer, you know the average wait time for arrival. Your Parecel is on it's way, I assure you. Christina Owner Pure luxe cosmetics

02/06/2011 19:05 PDT - Buyer: Please give me an estimate of when I will received. As a previous customer, I am shocked at how much the standard of service has deteriorate now. The waiting time doubled as compared to all my previous purchases. On you site, it says that I will received in 7-20 days after shipment. You updated on paypal that item was sent on 16 May 2011 but USPS says only shipped on 20 May. To date, 19 days has passed and no news, no sight of my purchase. I will escalate to a claim if I do not receive it by 6 June 2011 and you can recall your parcel from USPS as I won't be a returning customer any longer. Feedback will be posted on my blog for my disappointed purchase too.

02/06/2011 19:40 PDT - Seller: I really don't understand what I have done wrong? Or how things have deteriated?? I shipped 4 days after your order, which processing has always been 3-5 days. You can SEE I shipped it. Once your parcel is in transit, how in the world do you think I have anything to do with it? It is then in the postal services hands. Really, if you decide to slander me, please give everyone the WHOLE story. Christina

02/06/2011 22:52 PDT - Buyer: This is a customer feedback and not slander. For the way you are shouting at your customers instead of giving your customer a solution, I believed that you need to take on more courses on how to improve on your customer service. If you think every customer can only give a positive feedback, you are absolutely wrong. Negative feedback is to allow sellers to improve and learn from past mistakes in order to maintain your reputation and service. If you shipped out after 4 days, why did you input a shipping reference number on 16 May 2011 with paypal when my order was placed on 15 May 2011? Isn't that cheating your customer on the actual shipment date while you delay it?

So she say I should post up the full story and here's the full conversation with nothing edited and deleted. I might not be the most pleasant customer out there but I don't shout at the seller. Remember I said the seller updated to paypal that she shipped it on 16 May 2011? In her reply, she admitted to shipping only 4 days later than what she reported. How honest can this seller be?

I was nice enough to say I will wait till 6 June to see if I will receive it but the rude and shouting reply of the seller just made me decided not to wait at all. I have escalate my purchase to a claim and paypal will refund me if the items are still not here by 5 June 2011. Enough grace period for Pure Luxe.

I am definitely not gonna purchase from them ever again. If you wish to buy from them, you should think twice about the waiting time and rude owner of Pure Luxe.

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