Friday, June 24, 2011

ORLY Nail Polishes

Recently purchased a few ORLY pastel polishes to try out the pastel nails that I had wanted to do (but no time to try out yet!) and so now I shall just review them for a bit.

ORLY Snowcone

Nice skyblue polish but I don't think I will wear it alone since it's not really me. Maybe I will match it with some crackles or nail arts.

ORLY Lemonade

Seriously I didn't know what's wrong with this polish. It's so hard to apply it evenly! You can see how messy my nails are with this. I find that the formula is too thick and it seems to dry up to fast. Beside using this in my rainbow nails, I don't think I will wear it alone.


My favorite out of the 3 ORLY polishes. A very nice orangey red polish. I was pretty surprised by the turnout of this color since I initially thought I wouldn't like it a lot but in the end, it's one my favorite now.

Look how I match it with OPI Silver Shatter. But I think the silver shatter matching with this made my nails looked like the Chinese Incense Paper.....CHOI CHOI!

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