Saturday, June 4, 2011

Review: OPI Shatter Collection

The new OPI shatter colours are here! I'm so happy to be able to get them at a cheap S$10 per bottle~ However I didn't get the Navy and Purple shatter because I have another Purple shatter from Larosa (reviews can be found here) and the Navy doesn't appeals to me.

Here's a shot of 4 out of the 6 new colours for shatter.

Blue Shatter
A metallic electric blue. I noticed that this colour doesn't crack as well as the others. The first time I tried it, it doesn't crack at all! My 2nd attempt got a little crackled effect but still not much. I'm not sure if the problem lies on me or the formula.

Red Shatter
Very pretty colour but it's a little hard to match unless you have a very dark/bright base colour.

Silver Shatter
The best shatter colour by OPI! It cracks evenly and the combination with bright colours are just so perfect! This is a must have colour for all shatter fans out there.

Turquoise Shatter
Another metallic shatter that comes in turquoise. This is a very beautiful colour but it's not easy to match and definitely not suitable for office ladies with strict office policy. Perfect for clubbing.

White Shatter
Easy to match and your nails definitely stands out from everyone else when you wear it. Although I find that it looks a bit like the correction fluids that we used in school. LOL

Black Shatter
The first shatter that made everyone went crazy over it and was sold out at every single shop! The formula for the black shatter is the best out of all. It cracks most evenly and goes well with almost every single colour. A classic collection for all nails fans.

Overall, OPI shatters are great but not the best out there in the market. The new shatters were a little disappointment as they don't crack as well as the black and silver shatter. I wonder if OPI changed their formula and if so, maybe they should changed it back. Anyone else faced uneven cracking problem with OPI new shatters?

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