Saturday, June 4, 2011

Review: OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection

I finally got hold of the complete full set of the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection!

See the pretty colours!

Sparrow Me The Drama
A light dusty pink tone. It's a colour that is between Lilac and Dusty Pink. A very simple colour for all occasions.

Sparrow Me the Drama
One of my favorite colour in this collection. Sweet yet murky looking pink. It's the perfect match for the Silver Shatter in this collection too. I'm thinking of using this for a small DIY french manicure.

Mermaid's Tear
I'm not a fan of the colour green but I have to admit that I love this colour! A very pastel green that goes well with my green shadow that is called Mermaid too! A must have colour for everyone.

Skull Glossbones
A murky grey color. The colour matches the name of this collection. Very simple and low key colour that can matched lots of clothings.

Updating with a larger image with all nails painted with this.

Stranger Tides
A dirty green tone. Surprised to have two green tone in this collection. Not a fan of green but this collection is so down to earth that I will want to it wear it.

Plank a Lot
I have already did a review with the swatches on this previously and this is one of my favorite colour in this collection too.

Now let's take a look at these colours with the matching Silver Shater that was released at the same time

Silver Shatter is now my favorite Shatter colour! Note that Sparrow me the Drama and Mermaid Tears matches the Silver Shatter best. I haven't tried it on Plank a Lot yet but I think it would stand out too.

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