Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bad Experience with mailboxuk

I was searching around for a UK forwarding company (so that I can buy from those UK online stores that doesn't ship to Singapore) and happened to came across this company called "maiboxuk" so I dropped them an email with regards to their shipping and forwarding charges.

My first impression of them was great. Fast reply and clear explanation of their charges. However, when I was placing an order with my regular Dorothy Perkins, I forgot to change the address from theirs (which I entered in my address book previously) to my usual CGW address.

Unfortunately, Dorothy Perkins do not accept cancellation of orders via email so they solution that they provided to me is to reject the parcel when it was delivered so that they courier man will bring it back to Dorothy Perkins and they would issue a refund to me for the undelivered parcel.

So I dropped an email to mailboxuk to inform them immediately (just 15mins after my order was placed and not shipped out yet) that they are not to accept this parcel. I waited for a day and no reply came from them at all. So I used a different email and contacted them about their service. This time, the reply came fast and prompt again. So I decided to attached my "ignored" email to ask them for a reply. Once again, 2 days passed and no reply from them again.

This time, I had decided that I need to use a little threat to get them to reply and guess what? IT WORKS.

Dear Stuart,

It seems like everytime I have a question on the rejecting of parcel, you did not want to reply my email at all.

Kindly revert and let me know if you have noted on my request to reject the parcel.
I am currently doing a review on all UK forwarding services in UK on my blog and so far you have impressed me with your prompt reply and clear service except for when it came to a request for rejecting the parcel.

I sincerely hope that I do not need to write a negative review just because of this small incident.


Hello Juliet,

We do our best to give a good service, threats from potential clients, does not help anyone.  Clients who complain we try to avoid.

We have it on file to reject your Dorothy Perkins parcel, however if it is delivered by Royal Mail this option is not available and we will automatically receive it with other mail.

Hi Stuart,

I believed you have received the parcel yesterday at 10.09a.m based on the tracking provided by Dorothy Perkins.

It is definitely not delivered via Royal Mail and you did not reject the parcel but signed for it. Can you please explain?


YES, your parcel has arrived.

Decision please.
Please return it as I have advised earlier in 2 of my emails. The parcel is supposed to be sent to USA and not to your UK address. Kindly return it to Dorothy Perkins so that they can issue me a refund on this.
Do you expect us to do this for free ????
As I indicated, you are to reject the parcel and you won't have to incur any cost and service to do this since the courier will send it back to Dorothy Perkins but you ignored my mail and now you are expecting me to pay you for your negligence of your customer's request?

I also understand that Dorothy Perkins do have FREE return service in UK and you won't be incurring a single cent to return it.
And then no reply from them again. So now they are trying to cheat me of my items and want me to pay for their negligence? No way am I going to do that. I will be contacting Dorothy Perkins on this issue from now on.


Until they reply me and return my parcel for me, this review is gonna stick here for good because this is a real view of what kind of service they are providing.

Update 10 November 2011
Apparently some mailboxuk staff found a negative review about them and came to my blog and start spamming anonymous comments to flame me. Seriously this isn't gonna make yourself looks good. If you want a better reputation, you should start being GOOD in your service and not scamming your customer. By flaming my blog, this is making yourself looked even worse. If you can't accept negative feedback due to your bad service, maybe you should not be in business afterall.

This is funny, after I posted the update and stop anonymous comments, they started creating fake blogger account to continue to flame. This is just so hilarious. A company with childish people working for it, just how much more of these jokes can I see? All your flaming comments doesn't pissed me off because it doesn't affect me. If you want to post my comments on your website to show the negative comments about yourself, do feel free to do so. =)

From Bruno: Funny that you comment about MailboxUK but accept no reply to your comment... and delete the reply. :) What we will do is this: We will post your comment on OUR website and reply to it there for everyone to see then we'll be happy. And you'll look bad for trying to blame us for your mistake and censoring our reply. How about that? :)
Check out his account! Just created to comment on negative remarks on their company =)

You can continue to comment as and when you like because this is will show to my readers and people researching about mailboxuk to understand what kind of people they will be dealing with if they take up your service. No harm done to me because it doesn't hurts me to show the truth.

I'm not as childish as you to keep removing your flaming messages nor to reply to those reply remarks. Have fun showing your true side mailboxuk!

All readers are the judges. I have my proofs and mailboxuk have their own beliefs that they are right. Readers can read all and determine themselves if they really want to deal with this company. =)

Update 10 March 2014
Someone sent me something interesting today about my review on mailboxuk. It was just a link to me and told me that my review is definitely valid about this company.

Check out the complain filed on this company here:

If you noticed, the person who was busy defending this company is once again Bruno who posted lots of comments on my blog to flame me and insult me and the owner he was defending is Stuart who replied my mails and also ignored my mails and scammed me out of my goods.

These 2 person are either linked or the same. Fishy Fishy~


  1. Funny that you comment about MailboxUK but accept no reply to your comment... and delete the reply. :) What we will do is this: We will post your comment on OUR website and reply to it there for everyone to see then we'll be happy. And you'll look bad for trying to blame us for your mistake and censoring our reply. How about that? :)

  2. Actually my Google Account exists since at least 2004...I use it for AdSense, AdWords and other things but I never had a Google Blog Account that is why it shows as new.

    You're really quick to reach wrong conclusions aren't you? :)

  3. Can you send the website URL with more information about the FREE return service from Dorothy?

    I'll see what can be done to solve this issue.

  4. My dear, maybe you wish to check with your colleague Stuart on all my past email correspondence with him. After my last email dated almost 6 months ago, he did not reply a single email to me and I doubt my parcel is still with you. And after 6 months, which company would actually allow a refund?

    The website link for your reference

  5. Ah it was 6 months ago, I'm not really into what happened.

    I don't work at MailboxUK, am just handling their website and advertising through my own company and found your blog this morning when looking at Google.

    If you didn't get any reply I guess you must have pissed him off somehow. :D

    The thing is .. when you deal with employees of a big company you might get things solved by making a big fuss with threats but if you try that approach when dealing with a business owner of a small company, you'll end up being ignored. :)

    Well, wish you luck in the future!


  6. Well I guess in this case, this must be a small company since threat doesn't work so it makes me wonder how did they get thousands of parcel a day as per your first comment? =)

  7. Doesn't need to be a big company to get thousands of parcels a day... a small company in UK is any company up to 1 million pounds in sales. :)

    Many parcels are small parcels.

    Anyway your parcel was signed so anybody who was in the office who didn't know about your request could have signed it, that's the most likely situation. :)

    It would be hard to have 100% happy clients, no business has that cuz there's always situations like this. You make a mistake get a parcel sent to the wrong place... someone who happened to be at the office at the time didn't know about it and signed for it.

    Then instead of being polite and realising you're actually asking for a favour because no business has the obligation of handling your unpaid mistaken parcel for free, you decided to be demanding and arrogant so you end up being ignored.

    It happens, it's not the end of the world. :)

    Reminds me these clients complaining about a Hotel where I stayed, having seen them complain in the reception I realised that the fact I had better service and got some things for free was because I was friendly with the staff on the reception and even became good friend with one of them. :)

    It is a good approach to have in life... because many times a negative attitude brings a negative reaction.

    Hope you reflect on this and try to be a more positive person. :D

  8. Well maybe you should re-read my review. Before I used threats, I send polite emails but they were ignored. I used another email and they replied immediately. Quite obvious that they were not honest in the first place. That's why threats were used and their attitude got worse.

    I believed that this is my real encounter with them so the above are all facts about mailboxuk. If they had wanted to maintain a good reputation, they should not be choosing emails to reply and ignoring those that are not in their favor.

    Negative attitude doesn't comes about with nothing happening. This is my blog and I write it the way I like it and what I thought so I don't think that you or anyone in mailboxuk have the rights to ask me to change my post nor comments because this reflects the true story of my personal experience with them.

    It is all up to the reader to judge if they want to believe me or mailboxuk. Just like I mentioned earlier, it doesn't hurts me but it definitely would affect their business.

    And since you claimed that you don't work for them nor are you my friend, you are definitely not in the position to judge me nor them. So stop bothering me nor spam on my blog since this is none of your business in the first place. If mailboxuk want to salvage their opinion and come to a truce with me, they would know how to contact me. If they are not even interested in having a bad review on their service, I guess you are not in the position to speak for them too.

    "This is my blog and I write it the way I like. If you do not like my blog and have nothing nice to say, just press Alt+F4."

  9. I hate it when the big companies abuse the regular person and then don't give a minimum amount of concern. Fuck! Instead of being the ones looking for solutions, they seem more interested in not caring and making the victimized feel worse.

    My words come from experience -not with mailboxuk- but with Western Union (got 1400 pounds stolen) and Dell (promised one computer, different one arrived) and I know it's frustrating.

    You can take my word that I will empty every resource available finding another service suitable for my needs and hopefully wont use mailboxuk. Cheers!

  10. Thanks for this! I was about to pull the trigger and use, but thought I should look for reviews first... The fact they replied to you with such disrespect means I'll be looking elsewhere. A shame they definitely put up a good front.

    It's so funny that they suggest you be a better person when indeed obvious they are the ones that need a behavioural change.

    I'll be sure to post the link to this on all the forums I know of.
    Thanks again for saving me the headache

  11. well, i was looking for the same kind of service.. ill stay away from mailboxuk!