Tuesday, May 17, 2011

OPI - Katy Perry Collection - Teenage Dream with Black Shatter

OPI Katy Perry Teenage Dream and Black Shatter that were sold out at almost everywhere! I finally got hold of them at a cheap bargain from USA! So happy! I'm a nail maniac lately...haha

2 layera of Teenage Dream without top coat. This is definitely a must have colour! I'm so tempted to buy another bottle for keep!

Now let's see how it looks like with black shatter...

1 thin layer of black shatter applied over it with OPI Rapid Dry top coat. The black shatter is definitely not an easy polish to apply. It dries up very quickly and before you know it, it cracked before you can even finish your own nail. Furthermore if you applied too thick a layer, it will turned out very clumpy and the shatter effect would not be nice. I tested twice before I got hold of how much and how fast I had to apply to get the effect I wanted. I must say not bad for a novice!

More nail colors coming! Gonna post up different swatches every week so stay tuned!

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