Friday, May 27, 2011

Ettusais Lip Essence

Retail at $31

Bought this at the Isetan Private sales too at $26.35! I first came across this product during my birthday bash with Ettusais earlier this year. This product comes in tinted and non-tinted and also tube or stick form. I bought the non-tinted tube form =)

The girl at Ettusais counter told me that this product can be used as a lip gloss alone or as a base before we apply our lipstick. Just put it on your lips before you work on your face so that it will moist your lip and after working on the whole of your face (of course our lip is always the last to work on when you are applying makeup) just use a tissue and dab it off gently before applying your lipstick over your lips. It’s supposed to even out the lines on my lips so that our lipstick would look better.

I tried it immediately after I got back to office from my lunch time shopping at Isetan. The lip essence worked just exactly what the sales girl told me! I applied it when I got back and at the end of the day, my lip is soft and smooth. Lines are less visible and no more crack and dry lips after 2 days of use. Good product but price is a little high for the small size tube.

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