Monday, May 2, 2011

Birthday Celebration 2011

Thank you all my friends for taking the time to treat me meals & buying present for me.

20 April 2011 - with Singtel friends (Belinda, Daniel & Liming)
I headed to LV to buy my birthday present for myself first....

I am so happy! Finally got my LV Neverfull MM after thinking for 2 years! Now I'm using it daily~

Headed to Orchard Central for dinner at Ootoya. This is one of the Japanese restaurant in Singapore that served Authentic Japanese food. Do give it a try if you are around Orchard area!

Mine! Bamboo Rice with Scallops and Thick Egg Soup with Chicken. Nice! But the appetizer taste's pretty funny...these 2 items if you order them separately, they cost $17 but if you order the set, it costs $18. The extra $1 is for the 2 small appetizer which I didn't take.

Daniel's Chicken Tendon!

Belinda's Cold Soba with Unagi Rice

Liming's Sliced Pork Rice Set.

A very enjoyable dinner with them. They are always a group of great companions whether it's for a meal or holiday. =)

Next we headed to Cold Stone Creamery on the first floor of Orchard Central for some ice cream!

See this video on how they throw the ice cream into the air and catches it in the cup.

My strawberry banana ice cream with white chocolate chips and nuts!

22 April 2011 - Dim Sum at East Ocean Restaurant with EPLC friends (Eugene, Diana & Leng Zig)
This place serves good quality dim sum but the long wait outside the restaurant irregardless of whether you made a reservation or not kinds of put me off. I wouldn't be back to visit this place soon after getting a very bad service from them.

We were a group of hungry people and making us wait for an hour for a table and refusing to give us a call when its our turn soon dampen our mood a little for the day. After we were seated, they refuse to take any order from us, indicating that we have to catch those waiters and waitresses who will carry the dim sum to our table for us to choose from. However, those waiters and waitresses only comes once in a blue moon! We were there for 2 hours and our eating time is only 30mins. The rest of the time were spent waiting and trying to the catch the attention of the staffs.

The worst experience is that some tables were allowed to order the dim sum from the menu and they will deliver it to them promptly! Why is there such a different treatment? They weren't VIPs nor regulars. Just normal customers like us. In the end we lodged a complain to one of the staff and finally they came to take our order.

Seriously we didn't had a great meal nor a filling one and its not cheap at all. I think they should improve more on their service standards since their dim sum quality are quite good as compared to places like Crystal Jade.

Here are some interesting dim sum that they had but not fantastic. These are more meant for kids. They used to taste better when I visited them few months back.

Thanks to Leng Zig (my ex-supervisor in EPLC) for the Royce Chocolate!

23 April 2011 - Dinner & Shopping with Hui
I was craving for Oysters and Smoke Salmon and here it goes! Dinner buffet at Marriott Hotel!

Top Clockwise:
1. Crayfish - Nice.
2. Oyster - my craving~ but I think Carousel oysters are better and fresher
3. Snow Crab legs - SUPER SWEET! I love it!

Top Clockwise:
1. Smoked Salmon - i was craving for this! not too saltish. good!
2. Salmon Sashimi - normal

Top Clockwise:
1. Groupa - soso...
2. Round Tofu with Ebbiko - I'm a tofu and ebbiko fan..
3. Mixed Mushroom - I'm a mushroom fan....
4. Chicken with Bacon and Mushroom in Creamy Sauce - I love it!

Drunken Prawn - the soup base is good! Prawn is very sweet too! Fresh prawn used! I can guarantee that cause I was waiting there and I saw the chef catch those live prawn swimming in a tank in front of him and put them to cook!

Top Clockwise:
1. Lychee Mousse - not nice at all..
2. Creme Brulee - good! I like it!
3. Bread and Butter Pudding - one of the nicest that I have eaten so far! I'm not a fan and yet I like it.
4. Banana Crumble - super nice! Can't have enough of this.
5. Some mousse - its actually not bad but I don't know what it is.
6. Mango Pudding - soso only
7. Opera - some chocolate cake which taste normal
8. Manga and Lime Duo - OMG! This is heavenly! Sweet mango with sourish lime base. A must try if you visit!

Top Clockwise:
1. Strawberry - soso...
2. Maple and walnut - too sweet...but taste good
3. Yam - the best out of the 3. I'm a Yam fan.

I am always impressed with the good service from Marriott. They had been one of the Hotel that had managed to wow me with their service standards. Note: I'm a fussy consumer.

We wanted to get Chanel earrings but they were out of stock so we made a reservation. But now....I'm still indecisive if I wanted one anymore cause Hui's friend's Chanel earrings spoiled in a week! To date we are still not informed of how it was we shall KIV our purchase...

Visited Clarins cause Hui wanted to get something and in the end....i got something too!

Clarins Body Shaping Cream and High Definition Body Lift! The reviews were great online so I was tempted into buying to try for myself! My review shall come later!

1 May 2011 - Shopping with Diana
I need to look for a royal purple dress for SB's wedding but I have searched high and low but yet I still can't find any! HOW! I'm left with 5 days only! purple is so last season's colour and now everywhere is flooded with orange that seems to be this season's colour!

But I did get a reward anyway...a BLACK dress for the dinner from Dorothy Perkins! Yeah! I don't look fat in it!

and I saw something interesting at City Link...Mr Hershey with a V hand sign! He saw me taking a pic of him so he pose for me to take! So cute!

Thanks to Diana for walking from Orchard to City Hall with me to search for my dress! We settled down at MOF at Suntec City for dinner.

Chawanmushi and the bean

My Omelette Udon with Crabmeat and Prawns.

Sashimi....but not very fresh...the swordfish is like rubber....tuna doesn't melt in the mouth....salmon still okay...

Baby octopus

Ice Caramel Latte

Thanks to Diana for this meal! I didn't even know its my birthday treat until she snatch the bill from me. LOL!

Just before heading home...guess what I bought??

Garrett's Chicago Mix Popcorn!!! This is good! I love both the Cheesymix and CaramelCrisps Flavor! $11 for a medium size bag which can put into 2 container and a bit leftovers in the bag. (I had already finished 1 bottle!)

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