Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Strawberry Jelly Hearts

Finally got time to do Strawberry Jelly Hearts! Don't know what come over me but I sudden got a crave to make something so last night after work, I immediately went to NTUC to pick up the ingredients.

It's both a successful and failure.

Taste - Success
Look - Failure

Let's see the pictures!

Shopping for the ingredients. Not everything is here cause I still have some left at home.

We'll skip the biscuit part since everyone knows how to make it. Time to prepare the cheesecake layering....

All nicely layed! Time to refridgerate it for about 2 hours before I can work on the top Jelly layer.

After shower and nuahing in my room....I'm back to prepare my strawberry Jelly.

Wooooo~ Looks so good now! Time to keep it in the fridge until the next morning...

It turns out not so good looking cause my hands shake when I was carrying the tray back to the fridge after covering it with the Jelly. In the end...my cheesecake smudged.....*BOO HOO HOO*

Alright next time I shall try again and this time I will pour the Jelly over it with the tray IN the fridge. Then no more shaking of hand to spoil the look!

But my colleagues who tasted it say it taste good! Not too cheesy nor sweet. *HAPPY*
I shall improve on the look.

Tempted to try mango pudding hearts next time...

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