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Malacca Road Trip Day 1 - 5 March 2011

What an overdue post! But I'm in a blogging mood today so I shall blog about this!
People always speak louder than I shall use picture to talk about this trip!

Our favorite place to rent the car in JB...

Oh look! They now have TV for those of us who are patiently waiting for the driver to complete the procedures!

And look what we have in the car! A DVD player..........WITHOUT SOUND! Seriously we don't know why there is no matter how hard we try, we just can't get it to in the end, we didn't use it at all.

Our first stop.....Lunch at Restoran Aunty Lee for Nyonya Food! Okay this place is so popular that we have to place an order for food before our arrival first WITHOUT menu. So we just have to trust the recommendation by the shop people.... favorite~ Taste quite good.

Sambal Kang Kong.....I don't eat no comments

Asam Fish....Very fresh fish but too spicy for my likings...

Some Herbal Chicken.....This is fantastic! The sauce is sooooo sweet and nice! Everyone was raving about this dish! A must try if you intend to visit this place.

Sambal Sotong....I LOVE THIS! Super fresh sotong! Just looking at this pic makes me wanna have it again...

Daniel's weird cin cao drink with rose syrup =/

Chendol! This is definitely nicer than what we had in Penang....not so diluted.

Total damage for 6 pax...

Next up is shopping and we went crazy at Etude House.......

Look at our long receipt and all the happy faces!!

Look at how much we saved!!! How can we not go crazy there!

And our dear Mr Chanter is helping us to carry our shopping bag with a smile on his face! We just love going shopping with him!

And then...all these are mine!

And then its time to check in to our hotel - The Baba House....
Talking about the Baba house, it reminds me of a very funny conversation during the planning of the trip
Dan: We will be staying at the Baba House for our Malacca Trip
Joy: Who's baba?
Dan: Erm.....its the hotel name....



Waiting area....

Review of Hotel
The hotel is not very well maintained and before we went, I did a research and found reviews saying that its haunted....However I did not have any extraordinary experience during my stay there so I don't how how true that haunted review is.

A weird thing about the hotel.....there is no hair dryer in every room and if you need to use one....its available OUTSIDE the room in the middle of the staircase between the few storeys with a large and wide mirror. Who the hell would go there in the middle of the night to blow dry your hair? It just look so eerie....and I would be scared out of hell if I saw a HUMAN standing there blowing her hair dry in the middle of the night.

Another problem is the air-con....its not cold nor cooling at all! I was sweating the whole night without the blanket on and with my wet hair....It was definitely not a pleasant stay for me.

I think this hotel can improve more but right now, I will not revisit it again nor recommend it to anyone.

After checking in, its time for us to go find more food again!

Here's some random fruit stall along the road but with lots of business!

I just love this pic of dan & shah! The fruits were so not sweet that they were forcing themselves to eat it! LOL!

Next we visited this super nice crepe shop! Najede Patisserie!

My Yakult Shake!

Chocolate Crepe Cake!

Tiramisu Crepe Cake!

Gavin repeated the following sentence twice when he was having this "I'm not a fan of tiramisu, but this is good" So we concluded that he really really love this. LOL

And then its time for dinner at some stall inside a very dark and ulu alley along jalan bunga raya, next to madam king.

Cockles & La-La! The la-la is super nice! Sooooooooo sweet and fresh! I'm craving for it again!

Snails anyone?

Cuttlefish & some veggies.....I don't take this but I heard them saying its not very nice....

Four Treasure. This is one of the best among all the dishes besides the La-La!

Grilled Cuttlefish. Belinda's favorite!

Next up is Jonker Street!

Our first stop...San Shu Gong shop!

Super nice and refreshing drink!

I didn't buy anything from the night market.....but i ate a lot!

Ice Stick! RM1 each!

Amazed at how they made this....

Step 1: Pour some soft drink into the tube.
Step 2: Put the tube into this thing
Step 3: Shake this thing
Step 4: Put a stick in
Step 5: Shake some more
Step 6: Ice stick done!


Fried Oyster! This is yummy but I can't find oyster in it....
Talking about oyster.....I'm craving for fresh oyster once again....=(

And that's the end of Day 1....A summary of our exciting Day 1...
  1. Dan lost his iphone 3GS in the toilet at the custom in JB.....we suspect some Indian man stole it but didn't admit when Dan confronted him....he is the only who entered the cubicle after Dan came out and the phone is gone after he entered the cubicle so who else could it be? Too bad Dan is too soft hearted to press him there goes the iphone....
  2. We ganna a summon for illegal parking at double line....we were scared by the hotel reception when the blur person told us that the summon is RM300! After checking with shi xiong (coz of his character...he sure got ganna before in safest to check with him), he told us that it is RM50 and still can bargain somemore when we go pay.
    Lastly we checked with the local police and confirmed the amount to be RM30. Phew....heng its not a lot.....
after posting about Day 1....I'm tired already.........let's see when I'm not tired and I will start posting about Day 2....

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