Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bad Experience with ASOS

I have always been interested in the apparels on ASOS as they have many nice designs and the price is reasonable for someone like me who have difficulties finding my size in Singapore local store.

Since they are offering free international delivery, I decided to place an order with them on 8 March 2011....

Then on 9 March 2011, I was so happy to receive an email from them informing me that my items have been shipped!

However, 23 March 2011 came and parcel is nowhere in sight....hence I dropped an email to ASOS on 25 March 2011....

"My order was shipped on 9 March but till today I have yet to receive my order. It was said on my invoice that I should receive my order latest by 24 March. Where is my order now?"
and the reply that I received is...

Thanks for getting in touch.

I can see that your order was placed on the 08/03/11 and we advise that orders usually take up to 11 working days to be delivered, so your parcel should have arrived by 24/03/11.

To allow for any postal delays, we do ask that you allow an extra 11 working days for your delivery on top of the above timescale. In the unlikely event your order is not delivered by 08/04/11, please check with your neighbours and any safe places that a parcel might be left and let us know as we can then look into this and find the best resolution for you.

As advised on your dispatch email a tracking number is not available for this delivery.

Thanks for being so patient, and please let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

All the best,

From the reply....I get no answer to where is my parcel....Hence I decided to be a patient little girl and await for the arrival between 25 March to 8 April...

During this period, I went to search for some reviews on whether others experienced such delay from ASOS and I was so horrified from my research! Almost every single person who ordered from them had such experience and its a common knowledge to regular customers that ASOS always "lost" the parcel during shipping. The good news is that ASOS always give full refund in such "incidents", but it takes a long time for them to do so. Some reviews indicated that they suspect ASOS did not even send out the parcel and this is to encourage customers to use express shipping (which you will need to pay a significant amount for) in future orders.

Now let's take a look at their Facebook page....flooded with comments of parcel not received...

I sort of regret not paying via paypal cause now I have to wait for a long time before I can get my refund.... I trusted this site because they are so reputable and such thing is happening right now. I wonder how did they survived in business which such bad service...

Anyway on 7 April, my patience had ran out and I know that I won't be getting my parcel at I send another email to ASOS


Tomorrow is 8 April 2011 and I still have not receive my parcel!

This is my first time ordering from ASOS and yet my parcel is not received and you are asking me to wait and wait. From your Facebook page, it seems like I'm not the only soul on this earth to be facing such a problem from ASOS. You have many beautiful collection but with such slow delivery and customer service, I highly doubt I will return to your store.

I don't want your items anymore. Please issue me a refund immediately.

and their reply...
Hello Juliet

Thank you for your reply.

I am very sorry to hear that you are still waiting for your ASOS order to arrive. I appreciate that it is very frustrating for you to not receive your order on time. Please rest assured that we have done everything possible to ensure that you receive your order within our estimate of working days.

Occasionally Air Mail experience delays at their local depots which are outside of our control.

If you do not receive your order by 08/04/11, I will investigate this matter with Air Mail and issue you a replacement (subject to stock availability) or refund.

I apologise for any inconvenience and I hope your order arrives shortly.

All the best,
Seriously....what have they done to ensure I received my order? Nothing! Just telling me to wait and wait...

and the email goes on and on....


I do not want a replacement because I don't want to be waiting for another month wanting to know where is the replacement parcel again! No tracking and nothing. It irritating to be going through the same frustration again.

If I do not receive it tomorrow, I want a full refund.


Hello Juliet,

Thank you for your email.

I have noted down that you would prefer a refund should the parcel be lost.

Please note that if a parcel is lost ASOS will replace the order on Express Delivery with a tracking number and not on Standard Delivery.

I apologise for the wait and I do hope that your parcel arrives shortly.

All the best,

Rebecca R

Do they really believe that after waiting for a month, they parcel will turn up miraculously in a few hours?
Their reply all felt like standard model answer to me...
No dedication felt towards customer's satisfaction..

Anyway to date....I'm still waiting for my refund.........I wonder how long I have to wait....

Update 28 April 2014

I have received many comments asking if I have ever received a replacement or a refund for my missing order with ASOS so I felt that I need to update this post with the after events.

I finally received my refund from ASOS about 2-3 weeks later and I did not opted for a replacement as I no longer have any trust in ASOS delivery services. However, I suffered a heavy exchange loss on the refund as the amount was paid in GBP and the rate for refund made on my credit card was very unfavourable. Anyone who had made a foreign transaction and received a refund would know that Bank do not refund at the same rate and they do charge a fee for every transaction made in foreign currency.

Despite the fact that my order was made 3 years ago, it is disheartening to hear that ASOS service had not improved at all over the years. I am so glad that I have made my decision never to patronise them ever again and I never did since my first and last order on 8 March 2011.


  1. Hi Juliet,

    so, did you receive the refund?

    1. Yes I did but I suffered quite a bit of exchange losses because credit card refund foreign currency in lower rate than what you paid for and they are bank charges involved.

  2. Wow. That's just terrible. I hope I don't suffer the same fate. So many complaints about their delivery system.

  3. I suffered exactly thesame thing! Placed an order 2 months ago, item never arrived. A month later I emailed then, they told me to wait another 11 days (just like the reply you got). Waited another 2 weeks, still not here yet. I emailed them, said they would send a replacement ( that was 2 weeka ago). Item still not here. Emailed them again yesterday, said the item was never sent! I told them it's very urgent, then they promised to send a replacement using an express service. A few days later and after having to confirm the adress over and over and over again, they said the item has been shipped using standard delivery and should arrive in18 days! Should I just give it up and and ask for a refund or should I fight for the item?

    1. Hi Donna,

      Sorry to hear that you had encountered the same thing. IMO, I think you should just ask for a refund because ASOS did not kept to their promise to resend your items via express shipping and it is just too hard to justified how can they lose the shipment on both events.

      Hope you can get your items or refund soon.

  4. I am in the same situation as you. Only they are trying to not refund me, though I am 100% entitled to a refund. I will never shop with them again. Horrible horrible customer service.

    1. Oh no! You must push them for a refund! How long had your parcel been missing? I understand they only refund after 1 month from shipping. If email doesn't work, go to their facebook fanpage and post about the refund issue. It might help. I hope you get bcak your refund soon!

  5. So did the parcel arrive in the end? I am facing the same problem too. What rotten luck we all have :(

    1. nope it never arrives. I only got a refund after weeks and suffered heavily on exchange loss.

  6. i must say that ASOS is very prompt on refunding. they lost my package thrice (out of many many orders). i always get mine within a day or two after waiting out the so called "delivery period". they are one of the better online retailers in response and refunds

    1. Well I didn't get the refund that shortly. I waited for about 2 weeks before I got it back. Personally, I wouldn't classify them as a better online retailer as a good retailer shouldn't even have such a huge volume of lost mail. Something is definitely wrong with how they managed their sales and shipments.

  7. hi Juliet,

    I recently ordered items from ASOS and they were supposed to be delivered by today..but needless to say i got nothing. I am so fed up because i spent a large sum of money on a bag and clothing and when i contacted them..they had the bloody nerve to ask me to wait 18 days and then get back to them ... This is completely unfair! :(

    I was thinking of filing a claim with my bank for unsent goods...

    1. Hi Melissa,

      I totally understand how you felt. I felt that if you didn't received by their first delivery date, it is almost impossible for the parcel to turn up after that. They will definitely refund but if you prefer not to wait, I will advise you to file for a claim now.

  8. Well, I made 3 separate purchases with ASOS in July, before I read your blog. Anyway, I didn't receive any of them, though they were delivered separately. Emailed them after one month and was asked to wait for one more month. But if I waited, I won't be able to file a dispute with Paypal. So I filed for dispute anyway and got myself on the watch list on Paypal. Apparently if you filed for dispute too often, you will be suspected of fraud, and 3 times in a month is a lot. So now Paypal will need to monitor my purchases and future claims will be more difficult to file. Thanks so much, ASOS. And until now, I still haven't gotten anything at all. I do wonder if they even shipped out the items in the first place.

  9. I placed an order on 2nd December - I am still waiting for my order which was sent out again on 20th January - which has still not arraived.

    The lack of help and service from ASOS is completely unacceptable when customers who have paid for items need to chase then and the responses are not good enough.

    I spent over £150 on my items and 80 days later have not received one thing. I have demanded a full refunds today and will be posting complaints on every discussion board/website about ASOS.

  10. Hi Juliet! I'm another dissatisfied client here from ASOS. It was my first time to order from them and like you, my order is yet to arrive. I don't know if it will still arrive. I was told to expect the items by March 28. Unfortunately, I still have nothing. I tried complaining to their twitter account. I was told to wait until April 17?!? From the looks of it, I will no longer repeat my experience with ASOS.

    But if I may ask, did your story ended right? Did you receive the replaced parcel?

    1. Hi Diane, Sorry for my late reply. I did not get any replacement parcel as I don't feel any trust in ASOS anymore. I did get my refund weeks later and suffered heavily on the exchange loss. It is disheartening to hear that it has been 3 years since my experience and ASOS is still not improving on their delivery services. Do ask them for a refund if you still have not received your items.

  11. It's terrible reading this because I think I might be having the same problem. I placed an order on the 5th of June and was told it would arrive on the 19th. But it's the 22nd and my order isn't here (only a fraction of it is). It's terrible because I need to get it before the 3rd of July.

  12. Hello miss juliet. I know this post is old and you probably wont see this. But thank you for posting this.

    I live in singapore like you do and im facing a similar issue like you did here. I ordered a very expenssive pair of shoes and its not here. They told me to wait for a few days and check up SingPost for my parcel.

    SingPost cant help me because ASOS do not provide tracking numbers for free shipping (you have to pay $25 to get express!!!)

    I have made multiple purchases from asos and they come in on time except for this one.. out of all purchases i have made they lose the most expenssive one.

    Im so frustrated. I feel like i was robbed. And im only a full time student who saved her own pocket money to snag a pair of adidas..

    Worst part is that it is 2016! You made this post years ago! It shows that they have not done much to improve their delivery.

  13. Looks like I'm not the only one who's got a missing parcel.

    I ordered a pair of sneakers and a bag on 24th of May, 2 days later I was sent an email notifying me that my parcel was left the warehouse to be delivered. That I should expect my parcel on 14th Jun. Guess what its been 37days since my package left the warehouse, I've been calling my local post still no parcel. I ordered from ASOS about 4-5times in the past, (I ended up not liking all of my orders) and generally it took about 20-25days but this time around its 37days. Its not normal to wait for a parcel for 37days, how long do I have to wait ? another month ? So I emailed them and of course no response went up to their fb page left a complaint and finally they got back to me asking me to wait for a few days which I did and to complete their checks and after sending another email they tell to wait another 3 days while they check with their delivery department "wow" ASOS you got me. At this point I don't even know if I'm ever going to get my money back. If I don't I'm going to ruin their fb reviews page. Its a scam for gods sake. If I haven't received my package I am entitled for a refund. What a shitty company they are. They are a scam. I'll update you on this. I hope I get my refund ASAP and one thing for sure I WILL NEVER EVER SHOP WITH ASOS. gmarket is far superior , their clothes are affordable yeah you pay for the shipping but its not that much considering the money you're saving clothes and their customer service is top notch. ASOS what a scam you are. Beware of shopping with them people. I warned you.

  14. Jesus! I think I've encountered bad experience in ASOS and now it is 2017! I should have seen this post earlier. I brought a leather jacket from ASOS by PayPal but the order was missing. PayPal account shown that transaction was made in my credit card but ASOS CS said my email was not registered in ASOS! It's impossible because I sent all the proof with capscreens. I would not buy from ASOS any more. Thank you for your sharing.