Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Dinner @ Carousel with Shah - 23 March 2011

I was having a huge craving for Oysters and furthermore being super emo dear shah accompanied me to a dinner buffet at Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts.

From Top Clockwise....
  1. Cold Crayfish - 1 word.....GOOD!
  2. Mussel - normal
  3. Giant Prawn - The meat is too tough....and as the prawn is giant in is the shitty intestine in it....don't look very fresh to me
  4. Oysters - OMG! These were what I went there for! To curb my craving for oysters. It is super fresh and sweet! I have 4 in total =D

From Top Right Clockwise....
  1. Scallop with Mushroom - SUPER YUMMY!
  2. Deep Fried Crab with Thai Curry - GOOD! The crab is very fresh!
  3. Kueh Pie Tee - Normal....the filling is a bit cold...
  4. Sea Scallop baked with Cheese and Spinach - This is yummilicious! Super cheesy!
  5. Some chicken hotdogs - nothing special so don't really remember the taste
  6. Fried Bean Sprout - looks plain but taste good

  1. Salmon Sashimi - good! very fresh! but I find the way they slice it a little weird...
  2. Cold Green Tea Soba with Sauce - nice!

    From Top Right Clockwise....
    1. Carbonara Pasta - This is good. Not too creamy but the just right for me. The bacon bits were very tasty and the chef is very generous with it too =D
    2. Grilled Chicken - Although this looks normal but it actually taste nice!
    3. Chilli Clams - Soso....doesn't wow me
    4. Yorkshire Pudding - I didn't know what was I kept looking at it until the chef asked if I want it. So I told him I don't know how to eat this....and he taught me. XD There were 4 types of sauces to choose from and I picked the mushroom sauce. The Pudding was good but I think maybe it will be better without the sauce though...

    Too many and I can't remember them!
    But the creme brulee is really good. I love the way they served it in small portion. Most of the time I can't finish a full size creme brulee after the heavy main course during a buffet. Carousel provided their creme brulee in just the right size for me =D

    The Black Forest Cake and Strawberry Shortcake were good too!

    Total Cost = S$62 (Include taxes and with OCBC credit card 15% discount)

    Of course we will definitely cab home after our dinner and look at the super golden carplate of the taxi that I was allocated to! 1111! WOW! I wonder if this taxi bid for the carplate or not....LOL

    During our dinner, I tried to be lame again by commenting on shah's facebook post......

    Well the fact is that we were actually dating each other! LOL!
    But not everyone who saw the messages will understand...and because of that....the following event occurs....

    hahahaha! The Group Chat topic is "Who are they?" So automatically when Belinda sent the messages with the reply is to name all of them. hahahaha I hope she didn't faint when she see my message.

    After clarifying with her that the 2 of us actually went together and not dating some secret guys....we brought up an interesting topic again.....

    The small bag joke came about earlier.....refer to my post

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