Thursday, January 6, 2011


Yes!!! I'm finally going for a looooooonnnnggggggg holiday in May this year!!!

and guess what? this is a confirmed trip! airticket booked~
headed sis K's advice to take the upper deck for a quieter environment and I have chosen my favorite window seat~

SQ A380!

This trip has a lot of first in it....
1. first time in Australia
2. first time on A380
3. first time traveling alone
4. first time visiting friends overseas
5. first time stepping out of Asia

OMG OMG I'm so excited......can't calm down!

Gonna be staying over at Carol's for free lodging =X
She already told me it's fine with her no matter how long I stay so long as I don't feel bored when I'm there. She had planned Hunter Valley as one of the place that we will be visiting and she will discuss more with me when she's back in Singapore for CNY. Yeah Yeah!

And coincidentally, after posting about my trip on Facebook, my sec sch friend commented that she would have moved over to Sydney by then and wanted to catch up with me. Great! Now my trip is even more worthwhile~

Gonna start counting down!

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