Friday, December 31, 2010

The Last Day of 2010

Today is the last day of 2010...what have you achieved over the past 365 days?
Have you achieved your 2010 resolution?
Have you found your dream career?
Have you found your dream guy/girl?
How did you spent your last day of 2010?

Seriously....I doesn't know what I have achieved over the past 365 days...all that I know now is that I have a great morning on the last day of 2010 but the day went by and I've got a fucked up day and seems back to normal....

I managed to catch the company bus this morning and wow-ed the whole bus including the driver since I'm a rare guest on it. Had a great breakfast and chat session with my colleagues and nice colleague CC got her husband to send me home today when he picked her up cause I lived near to her.

However, I was super pissed when I reached home to find out that 5 of my excel files relating to my business are corrupted! All the data are gone! Now I have to redo all of them and try hard to search back the data that I have been maintaining for the past 1 year because without them, I can't carry on with my online business anymore.

And then SingPost did an amazing thing by delivering my parcel with items that I am looking forward to. Usually SingPost are known to be slow but surprisingly they returned my call to help me trace my parcel and deliver it to me within 4 hrs. I'm impressed. Last year same period, they lost my parcel and used 3 weeks to trace it back and then deliver to me without apologizing at all. Hope that this good service that I had received today will be kept up to it by SingPost.

Well....few more hours before 2010 come to an end.....what will I be expecting in the next few hours?

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