Thursday, December 9, 2010

Funny Conversation 33

Just had a funny conversation at home

YY: 你知不知道那个什么的有一个洞了。
Me: ozone layer la!
YY: ya la...我不知道华语叫什么。。。你知不知道那得洞代表什么?
mum: 不就全部人死 lor....
YY:你老了of course 不用紧。。。。可是我还很年轻 leh!
Me: **LOL**

Translated English Version
YY: do u know there is a hole in the what thing...
Me: ozone layer la!
YY: ya la...i don't know what is it call in chinese. do u know what will happen when there's a hole there?
Mum: the most is we all die lor
YY: u old liao of course nvm! but I still young leh!
Me: **LOL**

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