Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dinner @ Arnold's Chicken & Supper @ Jalan Kayu [4 Nov 2010]

Finally visited the famous Arnold's Chicken! It was said to be better than KFC.
We visited the branch @ Hougang Green Mall and it sure was crowded.

Pictures first and review later!

8 pieces of chicken to be shared by me, shah, belinda & love

Fried Bun & Potato Platter

Whole Spring Chicken ~ ALL DANIEL'S

Look at the amount of oil underneath the spring chicken! We told Daniel he got free chicken soup!
Overall, the chicken was good. The major difference between Arnold and KFC is that they use fresh chicken meat instead of frozen chicken meat like KFC. Unlike KFC, the chicken are juicy and not too dry. The potato platter is good. I like it, especially the cheese dip!

I would have this frequently if only it's not too far. However, all the 3 branches are sooooooo far away from my house so I think I will still be a fan of KFC for now until they open a branch near me...

As love was craving for prata, we headed to Jalan Kayu straight after our dinner. (FAT!!)

I didn't want to order any prata at first cause I'm on a diet and supper is fattening.....but I gave in to banana prata in the end....

My milo dinosaur~

Lychee Ice that I wanted to try.....maybe next time

banana prata~
Prata is very well done given that it's Jalan Kayu's prata! Not many nice places in Singapore that serve nice prata.

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