Friday, November 26, 2010


first of all...let's list down the things i have done or intend to do to carry out this plan...

Things I intend to do for DIETING
  • Eat my detox medicine regularly
  • Exercise on Wii Fit regularly (to start with twice a week, 30mins per session)
  • Sign up for Amore to go for yoga/pilates classes twice a week and visit gym once a week at least
  • No rice and meat for dinner
  • No more tidbits
  • No more soft drinks
  • Cut down on oily food
  • Sit ups every night (at least 25 for the start. To increase 5 situps every day)
  • Use my slimming cream daily!
Weight is confidential....BUT i will blog about how much I gain or lost every week...

Things I intend to do for BEAUTY
  • Facial once a month at saloon
  • hair treatment once a month at saloon
  • makeup to work daily
  • contact lens 3 times a week to work
  • Facial sheet masks every Tues and Sun
  • Peel off masks every Thurs
  • Exfoliator twice a week
  • home hair treatement every Sun
  • Cleanser + Toner + Essence + Moisturiser + Pimple Cream every day
  • heel cream daily before sleep
  • body lotion daily after shower
  • body scrub every Sunday

Things I intend to do for SAVINGS
  • Updating online store every other day (at least 20 new items)
  • Cut down on taxi expenses by taking company bus to work everyday
  • Increase savings
  • pack room and sell away stuffs that I no longer use

Let's see how much I can achieved out of this plan


  1. wow this is super inspiring.....i will do this too...thanks for sharing!

  2. glad to be of help! but I can't manage to follow it through completely. hehe