Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weird Dreams

recently i have been getting lots of weird and some scary dreams so I have decided to blog about them.....
If anyone can tell me what's the meaning of all my weird dreams, please feel free to tell me

let's start from the one I remembered most....and scare me for weeks...

Weird Dream 1
I was taking the Lift C from the ground floor of my block and when i entered the lift, I saw someone rushing to enter so I held the door opened for them but they stopped dead in the track when they reached the door and told me it's okay and they would take the next lift. All of them had a very frightened look on the their so I turned around and I saw a man shadow behind me....No lower body....just head and neck with black aura around first reaction was it's a ghost....suddenly the lift door closed and there was not way the door open button is working. Even when the lift reached my floor, the door is still not opening and the lift just kept going up and down with the man laughing very evily behind me. I was trapped in the lift and no matter how hard I cried and shout, I still trapped. Suddenly the lift door opened at my floor and I ran out of it and headed to my home immediately. When I was inside and about to lock my door, someone outside was trying to open it! The person strength was huge and I was terrified when the person suddenly called out my name and it was a familiar voice. Looking out of the peep hole of my door, I saw SY standing outside my door telling me she need to stay in my house for a while with her sisters.

I woke up at this point of time.....

Aftermath: I don't dare to take Lift C of my block anymore....and I never turn my back to the back of the lift.

Weird Dream 2
I was going out and when I locked my door, someone pointed a gun in my head and tell me to open the door. They were burglars and wanted to rob my house. I refuse to open and told them to kill me instead. They pushed me aside and started drilling a hole in my house's main door.

I never got to the part where they successfully entered the house but I was in cold sweat when I woke up...

Aftermath: I always look left and right before I go out of my house now.

Weird Dream 3
I dreamed of PS in Singapore and driving a car. I was catching a lift from him and his driving skill sux! I told him to turn right but he went straight and is driving at super high speed. The car seems to be out of control. When I told him to turn right again, suddenly the car lost control and almost fell off the road bridge. Luckily I pulled the hand brake in time. Then he had to make a U turn to get back to the road and suddenly we were driving against the traffic. When we successfully got back into the main road, I told him to reduce his speed to 80km/hr but the best he could lower is 110km/hr

I woke up before I reached home -.-"

I told him about my weird dream of him yesterday and he say if I ever sat in his car, I will know that my dream is untrue because he drives at 230km/hr max. -.-" He say he's going to try take pic of his car speed meter showing 200km/hr and above and let me blog about it. I shall be waiting~

Aftermath: don't think I ever dare to sit in his car......

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