Saturday, October 2, 2010

Review - Hadatuko & DHC New Slim

I noticed a lot of people arriving at my blog from searching Hadatuko and DHC New Slim supplement. So I felt a need to do the review on these 2 products....

Hadatuko 10,000mg Marine Collagen Drink
After finishing a box of this, I actually see effect on my skin. My skin are more supple and the outbreaks are lessen.

But the curious me decided to switch and try DHC Collagen instead.

After 2 boxes, I noticed that the effect DHC Collagen gave aren't as effective and immediate as Hadatuko.

I think I'm switching back to Hadatuko soon.

Update 18 Oct 2011: I finally did a detailed review on the collagen!

DHC New Slim Supplement
This doesn't really help to lose weight....but it does help me maintain my weight even though I had buffet 3 times in 1 week. I guess this pill only helps to block away the calories intake. Doesn't burn my fats too much. Maybe I will have to try Fancl's calorie tablets soon to compare which is better and cheaper option...

I have been taking another DHC supplement for dieting but sad to say it doesn't have much effect....
 No more DHC dieting supplement for me.

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