Sunday, October 31, 2010

Korean Drama - Mischievous Kiss

This week seems like a korean drama rush week. With 2 days mc and resting at home for both days on weekends, I managed to finish another drama, Mischievous Kiss. Adapted from the manga Itazura na Kiss, this drama had been filmed into TV drama version by Japan, Taiwan and Korea. I have actually watched all 3 versions + anime version + read all 23 volumes of the manga!

I love the story and the casts! The male lead is the handsome Kim Hyun Joong (who acted as Hanazawari Rui in the Korean Hana Yori Dango) and the female lead is a very cute girl Jung So Min. The drama was very enjoyable but I find the beginning of the drama a bit too lame and fantasy to my likings. The drama is quite fast paced and kept most of the important scenes from the manga but the most important scene where he confessed to her, I felt it's a bit too short and not really clearly expressed out. A good watch to all fans of Itazura na Kiss.

When I first watched the Japan version during my teenage years, I fell in love with this drama and the male lead. LOL!
Japanese version was aired in 1996 starring Kashiwabara Takashi and Sato Aiko. The drama was very nice and touching and I watched it at least 5 times! Never getting sick of it until someone borrowed the VCD from me and never return it to me. I somehow remember whom I loaned it to but that person claimed that she never borrowed it from me and after 5 years, I still haven't got back my VCD =(

And then the Taiwanese version came in 2005 and 2007 and I was looking very forward to it but I was disappointed by the casts. Both the female and male leads are not in my favorite casts list. Nevertheless, I still watched it for the plot and for Jiro!

To compare the 3 versions, in terms of casts, I prefer the Korean & Japanese version as their casts are more handsome and cuter. For storyline, the Japanese version was very short (9 episodes only) and a lot of scenes were cut out in order to squeeze everything into 9 episodes. Korean version was good but some scenes need more enhancing. Taiwan version stick very closely to the manga but a bit too draggy at times.

Each version had its pros and cons but still, it's a must watch if you are really a fan of Itazura na Kiss!

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