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Jakarta Business Trip [27 July 2010 - 30 July 2010]

guess what? I finally got the strength and motivation to blog about my Jakarta business trip!!! LOL!
I don't think I remember much about the trip but let the picture do most of the talking!

Day 1 - 27 July 2010
So tired after just few hours of sleep at home after my Bangkok holiday.......but still a little excited cause it's my first business trip and first trip to Jakarta!
First time on SQ....can you believe it!

The breakfast.......not bad......but dessert sux...
I was sitting beside a weird Turkish man....he was hugging his head and seems to be in pain throughout the trip. The other guy beside him was asking him if he is alright and he just nod his head and continue to hug it....weird....

I also saw a familiar face from PwC days on the flight but I don't think he recognise me (since i put on so much weight  since then.....)

The queue at the Jarkata airport was terrible! We queued for more than an hour before getting our passport chopped.....

Upon arriving at the office.....I was WOW-ed by it! Tell these look like an office building to you????

after putting our stuffs in the office, it's already lunch we headed for our first meal in Jakarta but I didn't take any picture coz my bosses tell me don't be so tourist LOL

After that is work and work until 6p.m....finally checked in to the hotel and it's sooooooooo nice!!! My manager buay tahan me so she just let me take pic of the hotel room as much as I wanted hahahaha
My Bed! I put the blanket across the 2 beds and I slept on them~ Rolling left and right~

Bathroom part 1!

Bathroom part 2! I don't dare to use the some stains in it....I was expecting something better from Grand Hyatt

Walk in closet 1 - The place where I hang my clothes for the 4 days~

Walk in Closet 2 - I never use these drawers

The working area and mini bar....oh that black thing on the floor is actually the sponge between the connecting doors of me and my manager's room

Sofa and foot rest and link to my manager's room~

The view form my room~ look at that heavy traffic!!!
Met up with my boss for dinner and we asked the hotel staff for some nice Japanese food recommendation and they told us to visit the connecting shopping mall to the hotel.

Kihana Japanese Restaurant

the interior look so atas!

conveyor belt

tempura maki

My dinner set~ cold cha soba with mixed tempura! nice~

Sashimi~ salmon and ika....

Didn't took much cause I still a bit shy to take pic in front of my 2 bosses....After dinner we went to walk around the mall before heading back for an early rest in the hotel.

Day 2 - 28 July 2010

Had a very good rest because I slept until 9a.m singapore time! hahahaha! The breakfast is good. Very big spread and lots of varieties to choose from but I didn't take pic cause ppl around me all look so professional and I want to maintain my image...=X

Visited a Indonesian restaurant for lunch which is said to be famous but the food soso only...
the waiting + smoking area...

restaurant interior

the coke can so slim!

our meal....
didn't take much pic again cause I
day 2 is tiring.......worked until 10p.m singapore time *drop dead*

After heading back to the hotel, some damn funny thing happened but I can't disclose here if not later my bosses and I all ganna sacked if someone from office happens to come across my blog! LOL!

Dinner is at a Chinese restaurant ~ Imperial Treasure which reminds me to Ding Tai Fung....I didn't take pic of my food!!!! I too hungry and busy eating! only 2 pic....
my manager's dumping.....looks so nice....

xiao long bao~ taste good
after dinner, my boss still want to go walk walk!!! but he bought yogurt for me and my his own expense! so we just go walk walk with him lor....haha

I still managed to watch some shows on KBS world when I'm back in my hotel room. haha....

Day 3 - 29 July 2010

Breakfast is still good but today boss is going away to visit our distributors so left me and manager to go office together. Today lunch is japanese food again but it's cheap and nice~

Ai Chan Restaurant

Their logo is so cute la!

my lemongrass drink~

Teriyaki chicken bento~

Dumpling in red bean paste~
after that is work and work again......but my da shi xiong (Henry abang) gave us a surprise....

Homemade cookie!!! He say it's made by his mother and sold in a lot of places around Indonesia! RICH MAN! zhen li hai!

After work, our indonesia colleague brought us to shopping for local delights~ I really buy a lot of food back! Some recommendation by her is really nice....I'm gonna get those again during my next trip.

Dinner is at a Indonesia Restaurant and the food there is really good! So much cheaper but nicer than that expensive restaurant we went to on day 2!

The interior

Senayan Indonesian Restaurant ~ a must visit restaurant for cheap & authentic indonesia food!

Durian Chendol!!!

The real durian chendol......look not as nice as the pic but taste is good!

grass jelly dessert for my kind indonesia colleague who brought us around and recommend this place

Tauhu Telok ~ nice! I like but a bit spicy

OMG these must be the best satay that I ever had in my life! Unlike those in Singapore, the meat is tender and juicy! They don't have any satay sauce....the is sauce made with peanut paste and dunno what....but taste damn good!

the fish look dry right? but the meat inside is actually very soft and tender! crispy and tender! nice!
I think still got some more dishes but I busy eating already....haha

My boss actually wanted to come join us because he didn't have a good dinner with XXX (LOL!) but he dunno where we are. When I show him the photo from our dinner, he just pouted. hahahaha!

Day 4 - 30 July 2010
last day in Jakarta! Heading back to Singapore! (and sleep few hours before heading to Colmar for my holiday.....)
Today my manager let me took pic of the hotel! Yeah!!!
Grand Hyatt....the hotel which I have stayed for the past 3 nights....

The hotel lobby....
This is next to our hotel and according to our local colleagues, this is the first hotel in Jakarta built by their first president. Wow!
It was a short day at work because we were rushing off to the airport....we didn't even have any lunch! Slept my way to the airport since it's a very long ride...

We had some light lunch in the SIA executive lounge but the food is nothing to rave about...

heading back to Singapore~
Sunset view from the plane~ (my photo taking skill not bad sia~)

No picture of food for return flight cause the food is damn boring and not nice........

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