Saturday, October 2, 2010


I put on weight again!!!


Time to start exercising and stop snacking and cut down on food intake le!!!

I was telling love how i heavy i am now and she also cannot believe it....den she say she also fat after joining the we say we both got to stop snacking and start dieting now! so we locked up all our snacks in office and say cannot open that drawer to eat! (im going to take a pic of that drawer on monday....)

Then on Friday morning, love told me that she already hit XXkg that was her limit! She also damn sad like both of us even more determined to diet! Then I told Candice about this and she say she going home to weigh herself over the wkend to see if she also put on weight le. hahahahaha

so it's proven now........working in Tuas will not make me slim!

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