Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dinner @ Angus Steak House with J

J brought me to this place called Angus Steak House for dinner....
I'm not really a fan of steak but J was in the mood for some steak.

I'm quite impressed by this place as the food ain't cheap by the service standard is definitely much better than other places.

Take a look at the interior of the restaurant.

Our food....

Starters ~ Calamari with Caviar

Soup of the day ~ Crabmeat + Clam Chowder with Homemade Bread

J's Main ~ Tenderloin Steak 150gram

My Main ~ Salmon Roe + Scallop Spaghetti in clear sauce

Dessert ~ Tiramisu

We ended our meal with coffee and tea. There's actually salad in between the course but I'm not a fan of salad hence I didn't took any picture of that. LOL

Total damage = $97.00

Expensive? YES
Worth it? YES

If you are a fan of steak and you don't mind paying at least S$50 before taxes for it, you must try out this place. J said the steak was definitely worthy of the price.

They really do serve great food and service. But as a fan of tiramisu, I would say that their tiramisu is not the best that I have tried but it's still good. I would definitely visit this place again.

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