Sunday, October 17, 2010

Borders - 17.10.10

visited Borders for more books! They send me a 25% discount voucher + 10% more for members.
we realised that we didn't have to print out the Borders coupon as they accept electronic coupon shown on my iphone! WOW!

I was so happy to be able to get the books I wanted!

Total damage = $60
(including 1 book for Hui)

while we were there....we spotted this couple hugging and kissing while leaning against the bookshelves....they were there for 30mins! ignoring the kids around them trying to view the books on the shelves. so inconsiderate! I feel like going up to them and tell them that this is a bookstore and not a hotel and if they have the need please go and get a room!

pardon the blur pic as I was secretly taking this picture.

After walking a few round, we noticed they were still in the same spot and the girl was basically grinding her ass at him! disgusting!

den 1 little girl came along and wanted to take 1 book from the top of the shelf that they were leaning against and the two of them refuse to move and that girl had a hard time to reach for the book at the top. so I told hui I'm going to purposely disgrace them..

I walked up to them and said a very loud "EXCUSE ME" and they were quite paiseh coz I said that very loud. den i pretend to look at the books on the shelves and the two of them were lingering behind me waiting for me to go so that they could lean back!

but sadly for them, I have so much more tolerance in lingering at the book finally they walked away. LOL! but I did get a book from that shelf! they had pride and prejudice which I couldn't find the last time I went to borders. wheee~

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