Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to Hui Hui!!

Happy birthday gal!!!
1 year older and 1 year wiser....
heal from the wounds, learn from the past and don't make the same mistakes again. =)
(u know what I mean *wink*)

now here's the post to the pre-celebration we had last friday @ Oscar Cafe at Conrad.....

The Humans

The Food
so many types of oyster! how to choose!

goose liver tofu with lobster meat o.o

Hui's fav tea which she first tried 2 years ago during our first visit and only found out where to buy this a year

The buffet @ Oscar is still as fantastic as 2 years ago and it's definitely worth the price ($78 after discount and taxes).

During the night, the F1 race were going on and I almost went deaf by all that sound.....but I still got the urge to take a pic of the car when I saw it in display...

and when we headed to the taxi stand at 10.34p.m.......guess wad?

I kept telling Hui to consol ourselves that $5 divided by 2 is $2.50 each so we shall treat it as the surcharge if we called cab and too the cab aone....LOL

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