Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Some Good News to Share....

  1. My love is going to join me in my company! Companion!!!! can't wait for her to come~
  2. Shah finally throw out the bomb! No more cheap labour! congratulation!!! We will meet up soon for your celebration dinner!
  3. No. of pax for our Colmar trip increased from 5 to 9! OMG! that day no one interested and now when the date is near.....everyone suddenly want to go...hahhaa....this is gonna be a fun trip with our ex-BKK + ex-Batam gang with new joiner - Mr Fisherman. Looking forward to trip!
  4. My silly smile is still on my face today! I think this silly smile isn't going away until i complete my Colmar trip. hahahhaa~

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