Monday, July 5, 2010

Hyper Mode

hahahaa..i'm in a hyper mode today!

the silly smile on my face is not going away!

why am i so hyper and happy????

coz i'm going for 2 holidays!!!!

23 - 26 July : Bangkok w HH (shopping shopping shopping!)
31 - 1 August: Colmar Village w Singtel Gang (relax relax relax!)

2 weekends with holiday plans consecutively!
how can i not be hyper and happy about this?


coincidentally, Belinda is also going BKK with her family from 22 - 24 July. the funny thing about this is...she asked me if i wanna go with her when she wanted to book the tickets in April. den i told her 2 days leave is a bit hard coz i wanna save my leave....and actually i wanted to book 23 - 25 July but 25 July flight is full so I can only take the 26 July flight back. end up also need to take 2 days leave!!! LOL
so now i can go bkk and meet up with her~

my boss ask me to go away and dun make her jealous coz i keep smiling and grinning and laughing beside her. hahahhaa~

must start planning my itinerary with HH for our BKK trip soon~

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