Monday, July 5, 2010

Funny Conversation 8

shi xiong: morning Ms Chia~~~~~
me: morning....
shi xiong: i havent generated the PnL for CH..
me: o.o
shi xiong: MA didnt sms me....
shi xiong: now i want to generate...
me: oh
me: boss HFM password is down
shi xiong: looks like hfm is down?
me: HFM also down
shi xiong: ya...
me: Ms Chia also down
shi xiong: upstream also down...
shi xiong: upstream is for uploading..
shi xiong: ms chia why down?
me: Ms Chia fever whole wkend T.T
shi xiong: enjoy too much during weekend?
me: nv get to play T.T
me: den Ms Chia now contributing noise pollution to office by constantly coughing
shi xiong: Ms Chia always sicked ler..
shi xiong: lol
me: Ms Chia weak....
shi xiong: Ms Chia needs to do more exercise....
me: Ms Chia needs $ to buy health supplements lol
shi xiong: lol.. tht means dont always go shopping...

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