Monday, June 28, 2010

Nuahing Session @ Ruby's House [26 June 2010]

great nuahing session @ Ruby's house!
started the day with shopping at phoon huat for my baking needs before heading over to her house.

her cats are so adorable! but titus and simba are so scared of me and kept hiding behind the washing machine. LOL...and eden hates me now i think.....cause I kept disturbing her while she is trying to take her afternoon nap. haha.....i think the 3 of them must be damn glad when this irritating woman is finally leaving their house. hahahaha

look at eden nuahing on the table trying to take her afternoon nap but ganna woken up by my flash light

we watched 3 movies in total in 1 day!!! hahaha...such accomplishment!
too bad my shutter island wasn't ready before i went over.....never we shall save it for my next nuahing session!

dinner is prepared by BC! once again......i'm convinced that guys are much better cook than woman! lol......while the 2 women are watching Nodame Cantibile movie.....BC is busy in the kitchen cooking dinner for us haha

our dinner.......grilled boneless chicken with baked potato!

dessert is coconut with jelly! 2 for $3! hahaa

it's so nice to just spend the day nuahing and watching movie....told ruby that we should do this at least once every 1-2 months! and i heard that BC has planned the menu for our next nuahing session! YEAH! I will bring wine + Shutter Island for my next visit! and tell ur 3 kids............I'LL BE BACK! hahahaha

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