Friday, June 18, 2010

Interesting Boss

this morning my shi xiong told me something interesting....

shi xiong: wat's "sening"
me: sening?
shi xiong: boss asks me dont keep "sening" you....
me: o.o
shi xiong:: must take initiative to look at balance sheet schedule etc...
shi xiong:: hahaha
me: lol
me: u know the actual meaning of "sening" or not
shi xiong:: no....
me: hahahahaha

i think my boss means "sian-ning"

think my boss comes to this conclusion coz that time she was at my desk and we were checking on some work when shi xiong msg me and his msg keep pop up on the screen (i dunno how to turn off the stupid pop up on my office IM...) den my boss say he chat too much with me liao....
den yesterday lunch boss was saying that shi xiong got nothing to talk to her but seems to have so many things to talk about to me... funny
poor shi xiong~

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