Monday, June 28, 2010

Funny Conversation 5

shixiong: tmr you make sure you come to office har....
shixiong: the parcel includes your S$1
shixiong: if boss open, later she thought i send love letter to you....
me: lol
shixiong: then jump to yellow river also cannot wash liao...
me: ya lor
me: but tml she on leave
shixiong: lol
shixiong: oooo
shixiong: ya hor
me: love letter nvm...
me: later she open see money think u give me pocket money
shixiong: waseh....
me: den u jump into yellow river how many times also no use
shixiong: she will think walao.. this guy so kiam siap...
me: hahaha ya lor..
me: pocket money only S$1
me: tsk tsk
shixiong: haha

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