Friday, June 18, 2010

Dinner w Jen + Shopping @ Borders

Initially wanted to meet Jen at Holland V but I received an email from borders with a 25% discount coupon +i'm a borders member and can get 10% on top of that, I psycho-ed Jen to meet me at Wheelock Place instead. Nice Jen of course say yes. YEAH!

Left office at 4.45p.m and manage to reach Wheelock before 6p.m!
Look what I saw!

Nicely boarded up Hermes which is closed due to the terrible flood in Orchard. Must give them a thumbs up for giving such a classy look even though they are boarded up.

In comparison,the store beside them did a very bad job

still got garbage bag at the store front........-.-"

Lots of people taking pictures there. I didn't know wheelock place is a nice spot for photo taking until this flood incident LOL

Headed to borders first as Jen isn't here yet (cause she can't leave office earlier like me).....
Jen say she is surprised to find me at the literature section instead of romance because she never thought I am a literature person....-.-"

I'm so satisfied today! Total damage = $51

one sad thing is....I couldn't find Pride and's sold out =(
and to those who are shocked, YES I LIKE JANE AUSTEN

Now I have a huge stack of books to read

We can't decide on where to go for dinner so Jen suggested this Jap restaurant in Far East Shopping Center. I was quite skeptical of this place at first cause Far East Shopping Center gave me a ulu ulu feeling so I am surprised that she say there's a good restaurant in there.

But after my meal....I am highly recommending it! The food is good~ Price is reasonable too. Look at the amount of food we had. Total damage = $40 per pax.

Nice sashimi bar

Our yakitori (From left to right: chicken wing tip, japanese ginko nuts, enoki bacon and pork belly)

Snapper Head Soup


One thing I like about what Jen said today is "We are high income earner, the price is okay ma"
Hahahaha I need more rich friend like you! Too few rich friends to enjoy nice dinner with me!

Then Jen gave me this present!

I knew a 7 years friend will definitely treat me very good~

But when I look inside.......

Eh? the content looks a bit weird.....why no blue little box??

In the's just my favorite snacks that she bought from HK back to me.....ganna Tiffany & Co =(

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