Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dinner w Belinda + Luxury Window Shopping + Chilling [25 June 2010]

after meeting up with shah on 24 Jun.......i met up with Belinda on 25 Jun!!!
temporarily curbed my missing-ness of my singtel colleagues!
gonna see them again on tues!

before Belinda arrived....i went to Uniqlo to shop and got myself 4 tops =X
see....this is the reason why u ppl should nv leave me alone in the shopping centre!

we decided to go eat something simple and nice for dinner.

these takopachi are the best i have eaten in Singapore!

after dinner we went window shopping at the luxury stores long dun have anyone go window shopping with me le! tried the bags on us but didn't buy coz we not that rich!

after that we went to coffee bean to chill till 11p.m+...
had a good chat~
enjoyed my night thoroughly!

P.S: she say i am prettier le when I show her my not lazy photo! wahahahahah! *HAPPY*

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