Monday, June 28, 2010

DHC New Slim Diet Supplement

The diet supplement for those of us who love to eat!
Get the figure you want without having to give up any of the foods that you like! If you
  • are a big eater and you enjoy larger portions,
  • can't say no to delicious sweets or snacks
  • often go out for drinks
then this is the perfect way for you to keep slim!

Take 4 capsule each day, split up according to the amount of the meals you eat. Eg: 1 capsule before breakfast, 1 before lunch and assuming that dinner is your larger meal then 2 before dinner. If you only have breakfast and dinner, then 2 capsules with each, etc.

DHC recommends that you take the capsules approximately 30min before meals.

gonna start taking this tml!
will update in a week time to see if I lost any weight...

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