Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A good boss.....

I'm feeling very blessed right now to have a good boss who recognise my hard work and effort and appreciates them....

her mother had just passed away 2 wks ago and she was very depressed and was unable to work for the past 2 weeks. I have to cover her work for the past 2 wks (from 2 countries increase to 4 counties workload), working like hell and communicating with ppl whom i might never had spoken to since I joined the company.

today is the first day she came back to work. she still look very pale and all of us can see that she is still very down.

before I went home today, my boss said this to me
"Hey Juliet....I'm really thankful to have you around. If not for you, I wouldn't know what I have to do with the work in office. I really appreciate your additional help for the past 2 weeks."

Although it's just a very short conversation of thanking me, I felt deeply appreciated. She gave me recognition for my hard work and shows that she doesn't take me for granted. Not every boss is able to do this. I haven't meet such a good boss for a very long time.

I wouldn't mind working harder for a boss like this....

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  1. yah, she is really nice. not only she recognise your hard work, she lets you claim credit for it. some ass-h**e boss will just claim credit for something that their staff did and take it as their own.