Wednesday, February 24, 2010


For 2010...since the beginning...i seems to have lots of activities going i did a sum of the number of days there are in a week and the number of days i went out with friends.....and here's my table......

wk 1 - 3/3 days
wk 2 - 3/7 days
wk 3 - 3/7 days
wk 4 - 5/7 days
wk 5 - 2/7 days
wk 6 - 4/7 days
wk 7 - 4/7 days
wk 8 - 5/7 days

total no. of days passed: 52
total no. of days occupied with activities: 29
total no. of rest days: 23

OMG! i got less than 50% rest days at home!

these are excluding my saloon and facial appts etc already lor........

i need to take more rest.....
i need to find more time to nuah at home (my hobby...)
let's take a look at my upcoming schedule.........

wk 9 - 3/7days
wk 10 - 2/7 days

ok....i need to cut down to 2/7 every wk and max 3/7....

no wonder im getting poorer.......went out too often.....spent too much money

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